Google Chrome preps underline to advise Google Drive papers in residence bar

Google Chrome’s ominbar is one of a facilities that creatively done a browser mount out from a crowd. It’s not usually a place to form lengthy URLs into a residence bar. The omnibar is your gateway to all things on a Internet. According to a new dedicate in a Chromium Gerrit, a omnibar could be removing some-more absolute and a small some-more personal.

The dedicate simply says “Add underline dwindle for Document suggestions in Omnibox.” What documents, we might ask? In a description, it privately mentions Google Drive, of course:

Display suggestions for Google Drive papers in a Omnibox when Google is a default hunt engine

It’s engaging that they contend it will usually work when Google is a default hunt engine. So even if you’re sealed into Chrome with your Google account, though you’re regulating a opposite hunt engine, we won’t see a results. Just another approach for Google to make certain you’re regulating their services if we wish a best features.

The underline is not live yet, though once it moves to a Canary channel it will be accessible as a underline dwindle here: chrome://flags/#omnibox-drive-suggestions. This is a good thought for people who are tied into a Google ecosystem. We could see a functionality enhance to other Google services as well.

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