Google Cloud Hires Entertainment Industry Exec To Drive Its Media And Telecom Business

A record personality from a party attention has stepped into a new position Google combined to accelerate adoption of a cloud among business in that vertical.

John Honeycutt, CTO during mass media association Discovery for a final 4 years, assimilated Google’s cloud multiplication as clamp boss of telecommunications, media and party progressing this month, Google reliable to CRN.

The hire, first reported by party trade announcement Variety, comes as Google Cloud Platform is substantiating a abounding niche in portion film and radio prolongation companies that need poignant information storage and discriminate capabilities.

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Honeycutt will expostulate Google’s overdo to film studios, calm creators and distributors, telecoms, gaming, and esports companies, a Google Cloud orator said.

In heading Google’s tellurian plan for building and implementing that business, Honeycutt will concentration on “ensuring that partners and business are receiving a best of what both Google and Google Cloud have to offer,” a orator told CRN.

Honeycutt worked 15 years during Discovery, in his final position there obliged for a media empire’s whole record smoke-stack and handling a 1,500-person workforce.

For 8 years before that, he worked during Fox Broadcasting, where he left as comparison clamp boss of promote operations, according to his LinkedIn page.

“He will have a event to mix his use using strategic, operational and technical sides of multinational media companies with a technical creation of Google Cloud to assistance expostulate not only one company, though a whole attention forward,” a Google orator said.

In July, Google incited a lights on during a 17th cloud information core region in Los Angeles.

That formidable directed to put discriminate and storage resources in a backyard of film prolongation houses, animation studios, and other calm creators. Google concurrently delivered new products for transferring vast amounts of information and collaborating on vast files—a requirement of a industry.

Honeycutt’s efforts will advantage channel partners looking to win media and telecom accounts, a association said.

“Google Cloud now works with a far-reaching array of partners and business in a telecommunications, media party space. We demeanour brazen to expanding stream relations even some-more deeply and building out new ones underneath John’s superintendence and leadership,” Google’s orator told CRN.

SADA Systems, a Google partner formed in Los Angeles, has seen a party attention use scale fast interjection to Google’s infrastructure and record portfolio, pronounced SADA CEO Tony Safoian.

Safoian indeed met Honeycutt during a Google NEXT conference final Jul in San Francisco. He told CRN he’s vehement to learn that an party attention maestro has been tasked with pushing a provider’s plan along that sepulchral vertical.

“We’ve helped several media and party clients on their cloud mutation tour and acquire a event to work closely with Honeycutt to expostulate some-more adoption of Google Cloud,” he told CRN.

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