Google Cloud Platform Opens Doors for IoT Acceleration

Press Release – CANDI Collaborates with Google Cloud to Simplify a Connection of Smart Building Devices and Data to Apps

Oakland, Calif., November 16, 2017 – CANDI today announced a partnership with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and a launch of a new resolution that simplifies a tie of intelligent building inclination and information to apps. Through a formation of Google Pub/Sub and CANDI’s PowerTools, IoT developers and use providers can some-more simply bond to corner data, couple directly into Google’s Cloud Platform toolset, and expostulate business value opposite a IoT ecosystem. The resolution is designed with out-of-the-box support for intelligent buildings, that includes anxiety designs and sensor kits for energy, HVAC, and apparatus government using Intel® BMP gateways.

By normalizing corner information opposite opposite inclination and protocols, and delivering that information by Google Pub/Sub’s executive entrance point, a CANDI-Google resolution significantly reduces a cost and effort for third-party program and services to contest in a IoT marketplace. Now, companies that specialize in business intelligence, analytics, operations, and systems government can muster scalable products faster but carrying to tackle a formidable hurdles of device-level communications or edge-to-cloud connectivity, that is managed by CANDI software.

We’re accelerating IoT marketplace expansion by a partnership with Google Cloud by simplifying formidable connectors to inclination and data,” pronounced Steve Raschke, CEO of CANDI. “Google Cloud Platform gives a business a some-more secure, centralized channel for free entrance to their data, a pre-integrated apartment of world-class analytics tools, and a plain substructure of Google’s tellurian infrastructure.”

Available currently to developers and systems integrators, a resolution is primarily targeted during intelligent buildings where information from apparatus and sensors can urge handling efficiency. Legacy apparatus and next-generation inclination regulating BACnet, ZigBee, Modbus, IP/Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, powerline, and other protocols are supported. End-to-end anxiety designs embody sensor kits formed on use cases such as appetite monitoring, submetering, BMS and HVAC apparatus monitoring, and thermostat and lighting control.

At a edge, CANDI-powered gateways – by AdvantechLogic SupplySystech and others – use PowerTools software to conduct inclination and normalize data. The gateways couple to Google Cloud Platform, where Google Pub/Sub acts as a executive entrance indicate for any IoT app or use to substantiate and bond to a inclination and data. Google Cloud and program partners such as Leverege and Altair provide analytics, information visualization, and business comprehension software. Interested parties can hit CANDI at [email protected] to attend or learn more.

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