Google Confirms Pixel 2 Has A Serious Problem

Google’s aging Pixel 2 smartphone still has one of a best cameras available, though some detrimental users have found their back cameras have stopped operative altogether – in some cases permanently.

The Google Pixel 2 CameraGoogle

While this, thankfully rare, emanate seems to have been inspiring Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL handsets given launch, user complaints have been entertainment movement and Google has now publicly concurred a problem and announced that a resolution is finally in a works.

Taking to Twitter, a association has finally announced around a @madebygoogle account that it is operative on a fix.

What is a Pixel 2 fault?

If your phone is affected, and we take photos, afterwards a problem will be painfully obvious.

According to a prolonged thread on Google’s product forums, a problem causes apps to pile-up with a ‘Fatal Error’ summary when attempting to entrance a back camera, digest it wholly inoperable.

What can we do about it?

For now, there’s no long-term repair for a problem nonetheless some users have reported their cameras have started operative again after toggling a phone’s Bluetooth underline on and off.

Other than that a stream pill is to hit Google support, that has been provision deputy handsets to influenced parties.

Google’s new proclamation gives some wish to those users who would rather equivocate a nuisance of watchful for a deputy phone, though there’s no denote of when or if a central repair will eventually arrive.

For now, I’d advise perplexing a Bluetooth pretence above and following Google’s support thread for a latest updates.


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