Google Contacts for web gets Material Theme redesign to compare Gmail, Android app

Google Contacts has been building out a new pattern for a past integrate of years, and currently a association announced that a aged chronicle of a interface would be deprecated in preference of a new one. At a same time, though, it looks like a Material Theme redesign is attack Contacts, throwing it adult to Gmail and other Google apps.

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Slowly though surely, Google’s Material Theme pattern has been creation a approach to services like Gmail and Google Drive on a web. Now, it appears to be fluctuating to Google Contacts.

In what appears to be a singular rollout, a uninformed redesign for Google Contacts seems to be streamer out to some users. The revised pattern doesn’t seem to hold any of a functionality or facilities of Contacts on a web, though seems to be a utterly cosmetic change overall.

The “Create Contact” symbol is no longer a floating movement button, though rather moves over to a sidebar only like we see in Gmail. The pattern is also essentially white in design, stealing many of a blue accent tone from a interface. Diving serve into a interface, functionality still seems untouched, though there are records of Google’s new pattern language throughout.

It fits in good with Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, and other Google apps with Material Theme, and it spills over from a Android app utterly easily as well.

google_contacts_web_material_theme_2 google_contacts_web_material_theme_3 google_contacts_web_material_theme_4 google_contacts_web_material_theme_5

Currently, it’s misleading when this new pattern will hurl out to some-more users, though be certain to dump a criticism next if you’re saying it on your device.

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