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As of 12 May 2018, a desktop chronicle of Google Drive will stop working. Google announced this months ago, though now you’ll indeed have to do something about it if we use a cloud storage service.

What’s function with Google Drive?

The Drive use itself isn’t changing, and positively isn’t shutting down. Instead, Google is replacing a Google Drive program for Windows and macOS with a new app called Backup Sync.

In reality, not most is changing aside from a name: Backup Sync has flattering most a same set of facilities as a aged Google Drive all and works in a same way.

This is a app you’ll wish if you’re a home user, regardless of either you’re regulating a giveaway Google Drive comment or we compensate for additional storage over and above a giveaway 15GB.

What do we need to do?

Google says that a aged Drive app will stop operative on 12 May, so if we wish files to continue to sync you’ll need to implement a new Backup Sync app.

You should see a prompt subsequent time we foot adult your computer, presumption we haven’t infirm Google Drive from auto-starting with Windows.

In any case, we can download Backup Sync from Google’s website. Installing it is only as elementary as a strange Google Drive.

What if we use Google Drive by a business account?

If we use Google Apps for work, we competence instead be stirred to download Drive File Steam, that is designed for business users.

It’s a bit opposite to Backup Sync since it appears like a tough expostulate rather than a folder.

Also, we can tide files from Google Drive – hence a name – that means videos and other vast files don’t have to take adult room on your PC or laptop’s tough drive.

Another additional underline is a ability to perspective Team Drives, though we can’t sync other folders such as ‘My Documents’ and a Desktop.

Confusingly, even if we do use Google Apps, we can still use Backup Sync so prolonged as you’re happy to go but Drive File Stream’s additional features.

This list of facilities shows how a dual differ: 

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