Google Drive Becomes 8th Google Service to Hit A Billion Users

Google now has 7 services with over a billion users each. YouTube, Android, search, Gmail, Maps, Chrome, Google Play all take their honour of place during a tip of a store as a most-used services on offer from Google.

Gmail, of course, is a latest to have assimilated that list, reaching a miracle in early 2016. The Play Store, meanwhile, was a sixth one on a list, carrying assimilated a billion bar a few months earlier.

Now, nonetheless another renouned Google use is all set to join a shining stablemates, with a association announcing during a just-concluded Cloud Next conference that a online record storage service, Google Drive, is approaching to turn a 8 member to strech a miracle ‘later this week’.

Google Drive Tips and Tricks

It’s value observant here that a association didn’t contend anything else about Drive during this year’s Cloud Next, that is in sheer contrariety to final year’s event, when a association gave a media some critical insights into a renouned cyber-locker service. The association final year announced that there are some-more than 2 trillion files being stored on a height that it claimed was used by over 800 million active users.

Since then, a association has been adding new facilities to a service, including a addition of smart-sharing options to a Access Checker tool. The use now also allows users to comment on MS Office files but conversion. Google Drive’s web-client also got a Gmail-like makeover progressing this year, although, it was some-more of a cosmetic change for a many part.

The association has also combined some-more business-driven facilities to a cloud storage height with a introduction of enterprise-focused Team Drives and Drive File Stream. The association also recently rolled out appurtenance training facilities to all a users. There is now also Drive-centric backup and sync apparatus for all PC and Mac users.

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