Google Drive Exploited to Download Malware Directly from URL …

A disadvantage has emerged that allows hackers to automatically download malware to a victim’s computer directly from a Google Drive URL.

Proofpoint unclosed a disadvantage and combined a proof-of-concept feat for a issue, that exists in a Google Apps Script. The growth height is formed on JavaScript and allows a origination of both standalone web apps and extensions to several elements of a Google Apps SaaS ecosystem. Unfortunately, a normal document-sharing capabilities built into Google Apps can be manipulated to support involuntary malware downloads, a organisation said.

It works like this: After uploading antagonistic files or malware executables on Google Drive, bad actors could emanate a open couple and share an capricious Google Doc as a captivate in worldly amicable engineering schemes designed to remonstrate recipients to govern a malware once it has been downloaded. Proofpoint researchers also reliable that it was probable to trigger exploits but user interaction.

These attacks come from legitimate sources and a links themselves contain no malware, creation them really formidable to detect and mitigate. Thus malicious use of built-in scripting capabilities in SaaS platforms flies underneath a radar of many users and defensive tools.

After being told of a issue, Google combined specific restrictions on elementary triggers to retard phishing and malware placement attempts that are executed opening a doc. However, researchers forked out that a conditions shows that extensible SaaS platforms can be used to broach malware to gullible victims in even some-more absolute ways than Microsoft Office macros. As a result, users should always be heedful of files automatically downloaded by cloud platforms and be responsive of a anatomy of a amicable engineering attack.

“Software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications have turn mainstays of complicated business and consumer computing,” a organisation said in a blog. “However, they are also fast apropos a latest limit of creation for hazard actors looking for new opportunities to discharge malware, take certification and more.”

It added, “Moreover, a singular series of defensive collection accessible to organizations and people opposite this form of hazard make it expected that hazard actors will try to abuse and feat these platforms some-more mostly as we turn some-more skilful during safeguarding opposite macro-based threats.”

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