Google Drive for G Suite review

When we pointer adult for G Suite from Google, Google Drive is a apparatus that handles all a cloud storage and record syncing for your users. As with Google Drive for personal accounts, we can get during your cloud locker on a web and by mobile apps for iOS and Android.

As a record storage and syncing resolution (we’ll cover Google Docs, Sheets and Slides in a apart article), Google Drive has grown from a unsure start to be a genuine aspirant to a likes of Box and Dropbox. Every user in your association gets 30GB of cloud storage space on a Basic plan, that gets upped to an total volume of storage for a Business and Enterprise skeleton as prolonged as we have 5 or some-more users (otherwise it’s capped during 1TB).

Google Drive for G Suite

Google Drive for G Suite: interface

Like a other G Suite apps, what a Google Drive interface lacks in sophistication it creates adult for in intuitiveness. Finding files is discerning and simple, either you’re acid for keywords and record forms from a tip hunt bar, or browsing by folders and shares from a navigation bar on a left. Google Drive automatically relates some Optical Character Recognition (OCR) sorcery to PDFs and images, that means we can hunt by a content they enclose as if they were any other document.

Files can be simply copied, moved, starred, and organised however we like – we can make use of a thumbnail perspective or a some-more required list perspective on a categorical web interface, and files can be shifted around around drag-and-drop usually as if we were regulating a unchanging desktop app. It’s all unequivocally straightforward, even if we are operative inside a browser rather than a some-more required record system.

Google says that Drive uses some AI estimate to move papers and shares you’re expected to wish subsequent adult to a tip of a record list – we found this a bit strike and skip overall, yet it’s easy adequate to differentiate by a folders you’ve combined or hunt for something specific. The perspective we use many mostly is Recent, that usually lists files in retreat sequential order, and works flattering good in many cases.

In a mobile apps for Android and iOS, files can be now accessed and cached for offline use as and when required – a interface pattern unequivocally closely mirrors that on a web, so we don’t have to barter between opposite mindsets as we barter between devices. It’s also value mentioning a plug-ins that Google creates for a Microsoft Office desktop applications, that let we open files from and save files to Google Drive right from inside a Office programs.

Google Drive for G Suite

Google Drive for G Suite: features

Google Drive impresses in many of a pivotal areas we demeanour to a cloud storage resolution to provide. The web interface and mobile apps meant we can get during your files (and revise them) from usually about anywhere, while a pity options strike a right change between functionality and ease-of-use – pity permissions can be set during a admin turn of course, permitting opposite users entrance to opposite Team Drives (shared storage spaces), yet it’s also probable to share files and folders as indispensable with unchanging links or email invites.

The Team Drives member is indeed unequivocally good finished (though usually accessible on a Business and Enterprise plans) – customized spaces where groups of colleagues can combine on files and folders together. It’s unequivocally elementary to conduct entrance to Team Drives, and to see who can and can’t get during (and/or edit) a files contained within. The underline has some good touches too, like a approach we can thesis any Team Drive differently, and email all a members of a Team Drive during once.

Google Drive also does an excellent pursuit of converting Microsoft Office files into their Google Drive equivalents – it’s not perfect, generally not with some-more modernized layouts and designs, yet it’s positively usable. If we don’t wish to modify Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, we can usually store them in Google Drive instead, syncing them between computers and inclination as needed.

We also like a easy approach we can conduct chronicle histories of files, so rolling behind to an progressing chronicle usually takes a integrate of clicks. On an particular user level, a Google Drive settings concede for notifications to be set adult for changes to files and folders, notifications that can be mirrored inside Gmail or Hangouts Chat if required (another instance of a G Suite components operative good together). 

Google Drive for G Suite

Google Drive for G Suite: collection and security

Of march we don’t wish anyone from outward your association removing entrance to your Google Drive, and to that finish all in Drive is stored and eliminated in encrypted form. The default pity state of files and folders can be set in a admin panel, and a pity collection are elementary and specific – it’s formidable for someone to incidentally share a record or folder with someone who shouldn’t have it.

Upgrade to a Business or Enterprise skeleton rather than a Basic one (see next for pricing), and we can investigate Google Drive use by some extensive review logs so we know any 1 and 0 is accounted for. You can also do some-more with customized admin alerts for specific Drive events on a some-more costly plans.

Special discuss should go to a Backup Sync collection for Windows and macOS, that are most some-more extensive than a aged Google Drive clients: they make it most easier to use Google Drive storage to backup internal files, even if we don’t indeed wish to see those files in a Google Drive apps. The Backup Sync applications can also selectively sync Google Drive folders to your internal storage, so we can keep some files tighten by for easy entrance and leave some in a cloud.

There’s also a choice of File Stream, that users can select instead of Backup Sync – all is streamed from a cloud, as a name suggests, with zero stored locally (except record placeholders). File Stream supports syncing particular files for offline use, as good as a few other extras, yet altogether we cite a capabilities of Backup Sync.

Google Drive for G Suite

Google Drive for G Suite: pricing and verdict

If you’re assured that G Suite is for you, there are three opposite plans to collect from: Basic ($5/£3.30 per user per month), Business ($10/£6.60 per user per month), and Enterprise ($25/£20 per user per month). As we mentioned above, users get 30GB any on a Basic plan, or an total volume of Google Drive space on a Business and Enterprise devise (though capped during 1TB for companies with fewer than 5 users).

Google Drive advantages from carrying got into a cloud storage diversion a lot progressing than rivals like Microsoft and Apple. Dropbox was one of unequivocally few services forward of Google in this area, and when it comes to a fundamentals of cloud storage and record syncing we still cite a interface, functionality and underline set of Dropbox. However, a extras we get with Drive (like Docs, Sheets and Slides) have to be weighed adult too.

Google Drive competence not be a reason we dash out on G Suite in a same approach that Gmail or Google Docs competence be, yet it’s still an constituent partial of a altogether package. While it lacks some some-more modernized facilities (maybe some kind of PDF modifying would be nice), all a basis are good covered, in an interface that’s transparent and clean.

Unlike some of a competitors, Google lives and breathes a web, and that translates into a record storage that’s strong and reliable. Throw in a good finished apps for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, and it’s a extensive package. If you’re removing a common cloud storage use for a users in your organization, afterwards we wish it to be secure, elementary to use, and easy to entrance from usually about any device – and Google Drive in G Suite delivers all of this in spades.

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