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Google has updated a Google Drive app for iOS to entirely confederate a cloud storage use with a Files app introduced in iOS 11, with a latest chronicle of Google’s app creation it probable to entrance and conduct papers and photos stored on Google’s servers.

Confirmed by a Google blog post, users contingency implement a refurbish for Google Drive on their iPhone or iPad in sequence for a choice to seem within Files. Once installed, users can supplement Google Drive to their list of locations in a Browse menu by drumming “Edit” during a tip and shifting a toggle subsequent to “Drive,” as good as changing a position in a list by a same menu.

Once installed, users are means to entrance files stored on Google Drive, with a ability to download equipment to their device, and to rearrange a storage into folders. If users have Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps installed, stored Google papers can open a applicable app from within Files, rather than opening as a preview.

Google Drive was a particularly absent storage use when Files was initial introduced, released from a list of services that a app could access. The initial call of services ancillary Files during launch enclosed Dropbox, Amazon Drive, iCloud Drive, and macOS X Server, with users also means to entrance files stored on a iOS device itself.

The refurbish is expected to be seen as useful for people to centralize their cloud storage services in one app, though reduction so for teams. While there are a customary pity options within Files, there is no choice to serve common record government controls, such as to mislay entrance to a record from a user certified by Google’s possess pity system, something that would force users to change within a categorical Google Drive app.

Version 4.2017.37510 of Google Drive is a giveaway download from a iOS App Store, with a app weighing in during 111 megabytes.

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