Google Drive is not closed, though updates a format

Google Drive strictly out of date.

Google has started to send out notices about branch off Google Drive in Mar this year

While support for a use ceased Dec 11, 2017, according to a central Google blog.

“Google Drive is strictly out of date. It is not upheld as of 11 Dec 2017, and he totally close down on 12 Mar 2018. We suggest we to use a File Stream Drive. As an choice or in serve to installing Drive File Stream we can ascent to a new chronicle of Google Drive for Mac/PC called “backup sync”, – settled in a summary of a developers.

According to a journal UBR, a Ukrainian users Google Drive in 2018 began to accept reports that serve support a PC/Mac chronicle of a app totally stops.

At a same time, entrance to information in a cloud will insist by a web interface and also around a mobile app.

In addition, Drive File Stream will be enabled for all users with a ability to sync, faster entrance to files, and modernized executive functions and extended confidence system.

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