Google Drive on Android adds password-protected Office record support

Google Drive, a Internet giant’s cloud storage service, recently perceived an app refurbish for Android. The refurbish was a teenager one in terms of changes, bringing usually some bug fixes and a singular new feature: support for password-protected Microsoft Office files. The new support expands a service’s utility for businesses and schools, creation it probable to perspective an encrypted Office record directly within a app.

Though Office files are password-free by default, anyone can request a cue to a request as a approach to keep unwelcome people from accessing it. Anyone with a cue can perspective a file…assuming they’re opening it in an focus that supports a feature.

Though many desktop program options embody support for these password-protected files, observation them on mobile outward of a tangible Office app can be problematic. Until now, Google Drive users had to download a file, afterwards open it in a Office app or a opposite record reader that upheld a encryption.

Thanks to this update, Android users can now open and review those encrypted Office papers directly within Google’s mobile app. This cuts down on a volume of time indispensable to entrance a documents, and also eliminates a need to manually undo a downloaded copy.

This new support and bug fixes aside, Google says a Drive on Android refurbish also brings some fortitude improvements.

SOURCE: Google Play

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