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The consumer chronicle of Google Drive is removing a makeover, with a new name, new advantages and cheaper prices for information storage.

Over a subsequent few months, starting in a US, all paid consumer Google Drive storage skeleton will turn Google One plans, Google announced Monday. This doesn’t request to business business regulating Google Drive as partial of G Suite.

The refurbish creates Google’s consumer storage skeleton some-more rival opposite options like Dropbox and Microsoft’s OneDrive.

Pricing for Google One starts during 100GB for $1.99, 200GB for $2.99, and 2TB for $9.99 per month. The existent Google Drive skeleton embody 1TB for $9.99 — those skeleton will be upgraded to 2TB during no additional cost.

Google One will offer skeleton with adult to 30TB per month, and pricing for skeleton incomparable than 2TB will sojourn a same (30TB will cost we $299.99 per month).

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In further to a new pricing, Google One lets business buy family plans. Customers can supplement adult to 5 family members underneath one bill, with any family member still removing their possess private storage space.

Google One also comes with “one-tap access” to Google experts for assistance with consumer products and services. Customers also get perks like credits on Google Play or deals on certain hotels found around Google Search.

Consumer Google accounts come with 15GB of giveaway space, though as Google noted, people are regulating some-more and some-more storage interjection to mobile phone use and a arise of 4K video and high-resolution photography.

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