Google Drive Transitioning to Google File Stream Beginning May 12

On May 12, Google began a routine of shutting down a Google Drive for Mac/PC desktop sync clients (hereinafter a “legacy Google Drive”). While a routine started on May 12, a Illinois Tech village might not accept a below-listed presentation on that accurate date since Google predicts a shutdown routine will take several weeks to impact all organizations.

Google Drive for Mac PC is No Longer Syncing.png

Google will reinstate a bequest Google Drive with improved sync solutions for Drive users, namely, Drive File Stream (the endorsed choice for people within an organization) and Backup and Sync.

When a bequest Google Drive shuts down, it will stop syncing a Google Drive folder to Google Drive. The internal Drive folder, containing your files, will not be deleted, though changes done inside this folder will no longer sync to Drive. We don’t suggest modifying files inside of this folder after May 12, as it could means we to displace your edited files (not realizing that this folder isn’t syncing to Drive).

To equivocate any confusion, we should have deleted what will be a bequest Google Drive folder prior to May 12. By default, this Google Drive folder is located at:

  • Windows: “C:Users%USER%Google Drive”
  • macOS: “/Users/$USER/Google Drive”

Please use counsel when deletion this folder, as it might enclose calm that has not nonetheless been saved or synced.

It is critical to note that while during some indicate on or after May 12 we will no longer be means to entrance a bequest Google Drive, that does not meant we will mislay entrance to a papers we had formerly stored in Google Drive.  Since those papers are indeed stored in a Cloud, we will usually be changing a “channel” by that we entrance your documents, namely, by Drive File Stream.

At some indicate on or after May 12, if we pointer in to Drive File Stream and a complement detects that a bequest Google Drive folder still exists on your computer, we will accept a below-listed discourse box to warning we that a bequest Google Drive folder is no longer syncing and it will attach “(Not Syncing)” to a aged Google Drive folder.

Your Old Google Drive Folder Will No Longer Sync.png

After May 12, if we select to automate a dismissal of “~/Google Drive/”, we should mislay “~/Google Drive (Not Syncing)/” as well. Note that for people who use Drive File Stream in another language, this folder name will be labeled accordingly.

If we have any questions or are experiencing any problems with this transition, greatfully hit a Support Desk by job 312.567.3375 (on campus x7DESK), emailing, or interlude by a second building of Paul V. Galvin Library.

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