Google Drive updates a pattern though works a same


Google Drive is accessible on mobile and desktop.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

If we consider your Google Drive has changed, you’re not going crazy. Google announced that it is updating a UI of Google Drive, so it will demeanour and feel different. Beyond that, Google says a functionality hasn’t changed.

Some changes include:

  • The trademark in a top-left dilemma is now a Google Drive trademark (if we have a tradition trademark it’s in a top-right corner)
  • There’s a new “New” button
  • The Settings and Help Center icons have been changed in line with a hunt bar
  • The page credentials is white instead of gray

Take a demeanour during some of a changes below:

googole-drive-ui-changeEnlarge Image

The aged Google Drive compared to a new one.


The new demeanour is rising to fast release, with a scheduled recover in dual weeks. So you’ll possibly get a changes right divided or in dual weeks depending on the recover lane you’re sealed adult for. The full rollout takes 1 to 3 days to see a new features.

The Google Drive UI refurbish is partial of a incomparable change to G Suite products, like the Gmail revamp we saw in April.

More tabs ...

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