Google Drive users: This is your new Android, iOS makeover for faster record access

Material Design update: Google gives app developers new customizing tools
You’ll be saying new-looking Android, iOS apps

Google has rested a Google Drive file-storage app for iOS and Android that aims to make partnership easier on smartphones. 

The Google Material Design makeover is partial of a company’s bid to harmonize a demeanour and feel of all G Suite apps, and follows a new redesign of Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Sites and a progressing revamp of Gmail.

Chief among a changes is a new Home add-on and bottom navigation bar that brings a mobile apps in line with a Google Drive website. 

The further of a bottom navigation bar is meant to give users entrance to frequently accessed collection of Google Drive with fewer taps. 

Users will be means to switch between Home, Starred, Shared, and Files some-more simply interjection to a new bottom navigation bar. The change is meant to give users faster entrance to a many vicious files regulating Google’s machine-learning algorithms. Using these algorithms, Drive will advise a papers users are mostly expected to wish to open. 

The Home add-on has also been revamped to foster files that are vicious to users, that Google’s algorithms collect regulating information about a final time a record was accessed or edited, who specific files are common with, and what files are accessed during certain times of day. 

Team Drives has been reformed as a add-on subsequent to My Drives in a Files perspective alongside a Computers add-on that provides entrance to internal files corroborated adult to an account. 

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Google has also tweaked how users can switch accounts, relocating a choice from a left navigation menu to an avatar idol on a tip right within a hunt bar, that is now also accessible in a Team Drives page. The account-switching symbol could make it easier for craving users to switch between personal and work profiles.  

The actions menu on files and folders now prioritizes a actions any user many frequently uses, pulling those actions to a top. The former toggles for starred and offline are now buttons. 

Google says a changes are meant to simulate a approach people work regulating mobile inclination and that a use is not only storage, though a partnership tool. 

“We know that mobile inclination are vicious to removing work done, either it’s during a desk, in a meeting, promulgation an email, or collaborating,” Google notes.  

“Drive is not only a approach to behind adult files to a cloud, though a vicious approach to simply share work, make last-minute changes to content, or examination vicious calm on a go. The Drive Mobile redesign aims to make these workflows easier.”

iPhone owners will see a new-look Drive app initial on Mar 12, and Android users will get it on Mar 18. 


With a new navigation, users get faster entrance to a many vicious files regulating Google’s machine-learning algorithms.

Image: Google

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