Google Drive vs. Amazon Drive

Today we have utterly some options when it comes to cloud storage services. Some of them are renouned while others are new and nonetheless to make a name for themselves. One such use is Amazon Drive. In a universe that is mostly dominated by a likes of OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud, Amazon Drive is nonetheless to leave a mark.

Google Drive Vs Amazon Drive ComparisonGoogle Drive Vs Amazon Drive Comparison

Most of us are informed with Google Drive, a cloud storage height that comes with a inexhaustible giveaway and affordable paid skeleton with support for many Office capability apps.

On a other hand, we have Amazon Drive that also offers cloud storage, is tied to a Prime membership of Amazon, an eCommerce platform.

Let’s see what Amazon Drive has to offer and how it differs or matches with Google Drive that is now heading a race, and substantially winning it too.

1. Interface

When we download and implement Google Drive for a initial time, it will emanate a new folder called ‘Google Drive’ in a record plcae that we choose. You can after immigrate it. You can also name other folders to sync with Google Drive.

Google Drive Vs Amazon Drive 1Google Drive Vs Amazon Drive 1

Amazon Drive will not emanate a default folder automatically. Instead, it will ask we to possibly sync a default Photos and Videos folder or name one that already exists. You can manually emanate and name a folder Amazon Drive and sync it. What is treacherous is that Amazon motionless to call their program Amazon Photos though accepts images as good as videos. It supports all record formats though won’t play all of them online by default.

Google Drive Vs Amazon Drive 2Google Drive Vs Amazon Drive 2

The web interface of both Google Drive and Amazon Drive is elementary and minimalist with small to no training bend involved. Same goes for their mobile apps. A drag and dump interface with ways to emanate and conduct folders. In Google Drive’s case, we can also create Office documents.

Google Drive Vs Amazon Drive 3Google Drive Vs Amazon Drive 3

A apart couple on Amazon Drive will take we to Amazon Photos that will make we consider it is a opposite product. This is since if we are a Prime subscriber, we can upload total photos with no limit.

Google Drive Vs Amazon Drive 17Google Drive Vs Amazon Drive 17

On a other hand, Google Pixel owners also get total print storage, so we theory they are even here.

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2. Features

Amazon’s AWS solutions is a universe personality when it comes to SMBs (Server Message Block) and offers modernized facilities like lifecycle government and chronicle story of files. Sadly, both of these are blank in Amazon Drive. Taking a bare-bones approach, it will concede we to emanate folders, upload and sync files, and that’s it.

Google Drive Vs Amazon Drive 5Google Drive Vs Amazon Drive 5

Google Drive takes a lead by charity users to emanate and revise mixed record formats like Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drawings, and even Sites. An whole apartment of Office apps that will sync all files behind to your complement for offline access.

Google Drive Vs Amazon Drive 6Google Drive Vs Amazon Drive 6

Google Drive also comes with a absolute API that means there are many third-party apps accessible in a store that will work with Drive like Pixlr, Zoho, PDF converters, and so on.

Google Drive Vs Amazon Drive 7Google Drive Vs Amazon Drive 7

You can bookmark folders and particular files in Google Drive that we have to work with regularly. Makes life easier when there are too many folders to work with.

Google Drive Vs Amazon Drive 8Google Drive Vs Amazon Drive 8

Amazon Drive will let we share folders or particular files around an entice link, though there is no approach to control permissions during all. Anyone with entrance to a couple can download and criticism on a files.

Google Drive Vs Amazon Drive 9Google Drive Vs Amazon Drive 9

Google Drive takes things some-more seriously. You can control who can entrance a files — anyone with a couple or specific people. Then we get to confirm either they can usually perspective or revise these files. What about existent editors? You can retard them from adding some-more people.

Google Drive Vs Amazon Drive 10Google Drive Vs Amazon Drive 10

This turn of control gives we assent of mind that Amazon Drive fails to offer, even for photos that can be dissipated on a Internet.

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3. Apps and Compatibility

Amazon Drive is accessible for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS platform. Google Drive follows fit and covers all those platforms along with support for Chrome and Firefox. The extensions for Chrome and Firefox assistance to shave web pages and save them to Drive.

Google Drive Vs Amazon Drive 11Google Drive Vs Amazon Drive 11

I download and use a lot of mobile apps on Android and iOS. Most apps we have used support Google Drive and other cloud storage platform. we am nonetheless to see an app that supports Amazon Drive right out of a box. Maybe AWS though not Drive. we like to edit my photos regulating mobile apps and save them behind to Google Drive directly.

Google Drive Vs Amazon Drive 12Google Drive Vs Amazon Drive 12

4. Pricing and Plans

Both a platforms are giveaway to use. Amazon Drive offers 5GB of giveaway storage while Google Drive will give we a inexhaustible 15GB space. Google expostulate doesn’t count any request combined regulating Office apps towards your space. It depends usually a files we upload directly along with Gmail, photos and other media.

Google allows total print storage for Pixel users, and Amazon allows total photos storage for Prime subscribers. But Google differs is in print quality. If we accept to upload photos in 16MP and videos in 1080p or less, we can upload total photos and videos even in a giveaway plan.

Google Drive Vs Amazon Drive 13Google Drive Vs Amazon Drive 13

Coming to paid plans, Amazon Drive offers 100GB for $11.99 and 1TB for $59.99. Google Drive is distant cheaper during $1.99 for 100GB and goes adult to 2TB for $9.99. Google recently unveiled Google One that provides storage skeleton for all Google products, and additional advantages like deals, coupons, and special offers. Google seems to be operative on them as usually a few offers are accessible during a moment.

As Amazon Prime members, we also get other advantages like Amazon Music, giveaway shipping, deals and offers on Amazon’s eCommerce platform.

Google Drive vs. Amazon Drive

The eminence between both is utterly apparent. Amazon Drive is a best place to store all your photos and other files. And if we are a Prime member, it works in your favor. Google Drive is some-more suitable if we wish to use as a some-more strong cloud storage height for regulating it seamlessly with Google’s fragrance of apps like Gmail and Office capability ones.

Using Google Drive creates sense, though if we have a vast volume of data, afterwards Amazon’s Drive competence work out for we for storage functions solely.

Next up: Did Google Drive locate your attention? Here are 5 Chrome apps to make a best of Google Drive.

Last updated on 27 Nov, 2018

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