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    Updated: Jan 22, 2018 – 11:50 AM

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Google Drive offers 15 GB of giveaway online storage for your photos, videos, audio, papers and other files.

It’s a accessible tool, though I’ve recently been using into difficulty when we take cinema or record videos with my Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone and afterwards try to save them to Google Drive over Wi-Fi.

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That problem? The files get stranded and will contend “Waiting to upload” for hours! Here’s an example…

Google Drive Waiting to upload blunder with photos

After we gifted this problem a few times, we began acid for solutions in Google Drive’s help forum. Here are a stairs that we took to solve a issue:

1. Go to settings from a Google Drive app 

Google Drive Settings

2. Select “Clear cache” 

3. Force Stop Google Drive 

Google Drive Force Stop

To Force Stop Google Drive, we switched over to Samsung Galaxy S8’s settings menu, corkscrew down to apps, clicked Drive and afterwards strike Force Stop.

The subsequent time we non-stop Google Drive, a cinema uploaded but a problem.

Important note

Let me be clear: I’m not an consultant and don’t fake to be one. Here’s a couple to a assistance forum where we found a answer. You might wish to behind adult any critical files before attempting this fix.

Have we gifted a “Waiting to upload” blunder with Google Drive? Tell us how we bound it in a comments below.

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