Google drops the cloud pricing as partial of rebranding to Google One

Google is rebranding a remote storage services with partially reduce pricing and a new duty that lets families share entrance to one common cloud account.

Users of Google Drive in a United States have already begun regulating a cloud use underneath a new name, Google One, while a rollout is set to follow in other countries around a universe in a entrance weeks.

While Google hasn’t done a new pricing open yet, a association reliable that for €9.99 (RM47.50) month in Europe, users would get 2 TB of storage instead of a prior 1 TB accessible for that price. 200 TB cost €2.99 (RM14.21) and 100 TB €1.99 (RM9.46), a association said.

Google One also introduces a underline that lets families share entrance to a same cloud subscription. – dpa

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