Google Duo is a best rated communication app on a Play Store

Google Duo app has already perceived lot many downloads along with a Allo. When it was launched, it got outrageous spike in downloads due to approach Google annocuned it during Google IO 2016. Later, a speed of a downloads pacified as a gleam was mislaid amid of a competition. But still it has managed to get some overwhelming ratings over during a Play Store.

Google Duo

Google Duo app has only achieved 4.6 rating on a Play Store. It is a initial app in a communications category, if we speak about a large players, to strike a 4.6 rating out of 5. Well, there’s another feat for this app, it is a top rated google app ever.

Talking about a Google Duo as a product, Google Duo has achieved a lot of genuine users. There are many pros, to be true, it facilities a clearest videos among a competition. You can find a clarity each time we make a call on a Google Duo.

It is a good thing to see, that app that has been launched final year has achieved 100 Million installs and has perceived 4.6 ratings overall. It’s not like personification in a ground, a 4.6 ratings matter a lot for a developers.

We wish Google Duo to get some-more and some-more movement in a arriving time.

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