Google explains how all those Drive files got locked

In a blog post, Google settled that a involuntary confidence detects and prevents entrance to files that competence enclose viruses, malware or ‘other violent content.’ The bug caused Docs and Drive to misrepresent a signals from these systems, that resulted in erroneously imprinting sold files as violating TOS. While it’s as most a mea culpa as you’ll get from a internet giant, removing incidentally sealed out of your possess papers was a wake-up call for some users who satisfied how most they depended on Google to entrance their cloud-based files — entrance that can be revoked or close off by bugs or intention.

In a post, Google reassured users that it would essay to keep files secure and safe: “We apologize to the users for any nuisance this occurrence caused and sojourn committed to charity high-quality systems that keep their calm protected while entirely securing their files.”

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