Google extends ‘Preferred Care’ for Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL by 6 months, 30 months total

Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL already come with 2-year warranties, that is excellent, yet accidents still happen. That’s because Google also offers an optional “Preferred Care” program, and now that module is finally reaping the advantages of that extended warranty.

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If you’ll recall, when a Pixel 2 family launched a phones were tormented by a lot of issues, privately in a box of a incomparable phone. As a response, Google gave everybody that extended 2-year warranty, that is good to see. However, it presented a doubt to Pixel owners who had purchased a coverage.

Originally, that devise was set to final 24 months, gripping a phone lonesome for a full year after a strange guaranty ran out. Now that a phones have 24-month warranties, though, Preferred Care didn’t seem as attractive.

As forked out by Android Police, Google has finally updated this program to cover inclination for 30 months in total, a 6-month prolongation from what we saw originally.

That’s not a whole lot of additional time, yet it gives Pixel owners assent of mind that, in a box their device has problems down a road, or if an collision occurs, they’ll be lonesome once that customary guaranty drops out.

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