Google Files Go Updated With Support for Google Drive File Backup

Google recently expelled a latest program refurbish for a Files Go app on Android. The update, nonetheless minor, brings along a essential underline that allows users to backup their files on Google Drive by a Files Go app. Apart from that, a refurbish also adds “additional SD label features” and several bug fixes and improvements. According to a changelog, this refurbish was initial expelled on Feb 15, 2018.

To make use of this feature, we will need to go into Downloads, click on a arrow beside a record we wish to backup, afterwards click on Back adult to Google Drive and enter sum such as Document Title, elite Google account, and elite folder in Google Drive. Users need to have a Google Drive app commissioned on their inclination for a underline to work.

Available for all Android devices, a Files Go was launched during a Google For India 2017 eventuality in Dec final year. The app, like other Google Go apps, has been tradition built for smartphones with low inbuilt storage and adult to 1GB of RAM. It will come pre-installed on all Android Oreo (Go edition) devices.

In a latest refurbish received final month, Google Files Go app got several new facilities including support for Android tablets, an SD card-only view, and a new “Open With” upsurge that lets users select a end app for a comparison file.

While a proclamation was done a few months back, smartphones using Android Oreo (Go edition) haven’t nonetheless been unveiled. However, Google states that it will be creation announcements on that front during Mobile World 2018 in Barcelona slated for after this month.

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