Google Has a Clever New Feature For Instant Documents

Tech origination can come in a form of large breakthroughs like driverless cars, though some-more mostly it comes as tiny facilities that make a lives easier and some-more productive. A new Google Docs invention falls in a latter category—but it’s flattering honeyed all a same.

The underline lets we skip a uninteresting routine of starting a new request by going to Google Drive, selecting “new” and afterwards naming either we wish a new Doc, spreadsheet, or slide.

Now, we can simply form “” into your browser and, voila, a request is teed adult and prepared for we to type. Likewise, we can form “” or “” if we wish to start a new spreadsheet or slip respectively.

Google Docs announced a underline on Twitter late final week:

The new capability pretence is probable interjection to Google’s preference several years behind to squeeze a collection of supposed tip turn domains, including a “.new” one, that a association has apparently dedicated to present request creation.

Google has also configured a apparatus in a approach that users can form in a accumulation of phrases—for instance “” or “” or “”—to call adult a document. (Obviously, a user requires a Google comment for this to work).

As TechCrunch notes, users are already seeking Google to emanate some-more shortcuts such as “” and “” It seems expected a association will enhance a offerings in entrance months.

The “new” underline is not a record that will change a universe though still offers a acquire approach to boost capability by 10 or 20 seconds each day.

Google initial launched Google Docs as a exam underline in 2006 and has given stretched a product significantly. In new years, a use has begun to plea a almighty Microsoft Office apartment as a buttress of craving software.

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