Google has a Fix for Your Slow-to-Wake Pixel 2 XL

The slowness of arise time that accompanied a Jun Android confidence patch when it landed on your Pixel 2 XL is about to be fixed. Well, it’ll be bound here in a “coming weeks,” according to Google, as they’ve “identified a fix.”

To recap, a change was done within a final refurbish that extended a time it would take for a Pixel 2 XL to wake. When we sealed your phone and afterwards attempted to arise it right away, there was adequate of a check that users beheld and flooded Google’s several forums to (rightfully) protest about it. It was apparently a counsel change as it relates to a always-on arrangement used in a phone.

Since we’re already mid-way into June, we have to consternation if a repair won’t uncover adult until July’s patch. Google could always pull a repair sooner, though I’m not certain this is a large adequate emanate to aver that. It’s not like a dialer is passed or mobile connectivity is impacted or a fingerprint reader no longer works. It’s an inconvenience, sure, only not a large one.

We’ll let we know when a repair rolls out.

// Pixel User Community

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