Google Home Hub vs. Amazon vs. Facebook: How a video inclination compare

In a entrance conflict of a articulate video speakers, Google is offering YouTube, Amazon looks to Prime Video and with Facebook, it’s about a amicable network. 

Google and Facebook have assimilated Amazon in charity a subsequent call of home speakers, Alexa with a twist, with a video display. Facebook came out on Monday with a video portal. On Tuesday, Google introduced Google Home Hub, an refurbish to a renouned Google Home speaker, a new device with a video shade that’s all about Google.

Amazon will be initial to stores, with a revamped and incomparable Echo section accessible Thursday, while Google’s Home Hub, an prolongation of a Home orator line, will be expelled on Oct 22nd. The Facebook Portal and Portal+ products will be accessible in November. 

How a units compare: 


Amazon Echo Show (second generation)

You’ll say: “Alexa”

Price: $229

Release date: Oct 11th 

Screen size: 10 inches (up from final year’s 7 inches)

Video content: Mostly Amazon Prime Video’s collection of cinema and TV shows. The Amazon Silk browser offers entrance to Google’s YouTube, that was private from a strange Show, due to a corporate squabble between Amazon and Google. 

Photos: Can tide photos that have been uploaded to a Amazon Prime library and be used as a print frame. 

Live TV: Many network and wire TV shows can be noticed around a $39.99 subscription to Hulu Live TV.

Video calls: To other users of a Echo Show and, entrance after this year, members of a Skype network. 

Microphones: 8

Other goodies: See lyrics and manuscript art around Amazon Music and daydream continue reports. See who’s during a front doorway around a Ring video doorbell, an Amazon-owned product. 


Google Home Hub

You’ll say: “Hey, Google” or “OK, Google”

Price: $149

Release date: Oct 22nd 

Screen size: 7 inches

Video content: Google-owned YouTube for recipes, tutorials and party programming.

Photos: Stream photos and videos from a Google Photos app, and use as a print frame. 

Live TV: Many network and wire TV shows around YouTube TV, a $40 monthly wire alternative. 

Video calls: No camera is offering on a Home Hub. 

Microphones: 2

Other goodies: All popular Google services, like Maps for visible commute, calendar for appointments and operation of intelligent home accessories. See who’s during a doorway on a shade around a Nest video doorbell, a Google-owned product. 

Facebook Portal and Portal+

You’ll say: “Hey, Portal” 

Price: $199 and $349

Release date: November

Screen size: 10.1 inches and a incomparable chronicle is 15.6 inches 

Photos: Stream photos and videos from your personal collection on Facebook 

Live TV: No network and wire TV live content, though Facebook offers videos from a strange productions on Facebook Watch as good as Newsy and a Food Network 

Video calls: Make and accept calls from friends and family around Facebook and Messenger. Up to 6 people can be on a call. 

Microphones: 4

Other goodies: Facebook offers collection to invalidate a camera and microphones with a camera lock 


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