Google I/O 2018 Schedule Is Up: Chromebooks Get Dedicated …

Google has dual decidedly opposite events any year. One focuses on hardware and is meant wholly for consumers and press folks. That eventuality is hold in Oct and gives Google a yearly height to showcase a latest, biggest hardware on offer from a hunt giant. Sure, there are program iterations talked about there, though make no mistake, a Oct 4th eventuality is essentially focused on Google’s hardware initiative.


Google I/O, that takes place during a commencement of May any year, is Google’s time to get a bit geekier. I/O is a developer’s eventuality during a core; a place for developers to see all a latest moves Google is creation in program platforms (Android, Chrome OS, Android Auto, Android Things), AI (Google Assistant and all a things it powers), VR and AR. This conference, distinct a hardware events in October, take full autocracy to plead things that many of us don’t even understand. They excavate low into a skeleton that energy your favorite services and apps from Google and assistance developers benefit serve bargain of those some-more perplexing details.

There is an permitted side to I/O for those reduction tech-inclined, and that is a opening keynote. Each year, Google takes some time to lay out all they’ve achieved and all that is coming. The keynote stays surface-level, so it is value examination even if we aren’t a developer.

Schedule Is Up

Additionally, many of a dermatitis sessions can be engaging even if we aren’t certain of all that is being discussed. For those of we peaceful to step into these waters, Google has posted a full I/O 2018 report on a I/O site, so we can take a demeanour during all a sessions and see if any would be of value or seductiveness to you. Many of a sessions are promote live on YouTube, though you’ll be means to see them after a eventuality is over as well.


Around here, we’re really meddlesome in a What’s new in Android apps for Chrome OS session. Exact times aren’t posted on a sessions yet, though we design some-more granular times to seem as we get closer to a tangible event.

Additionally, there are other sessions we’ll really be checking out. Here’s a demeanour during what I’m tracking as they associate to web-based tech and a evolution. As a Chrome OS user, saying swell done with web technologies is really exciting.

  • Web opening done easy
  • The destiny of a web is immersive
  • The energy of Headless Chrome and browser automation
  • Build a destiny of a web with complicated JavaScript
  • Build overwhelming media practice on a web
  • Android fireside chat

For many people, a many critical and engaging thing to watch will be a opening keynote, and it is scheduled for 10am PST on May 8th.  As we get some-more sum surrounding I/O 2018, we’ll be certain to share them!

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