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The Google Developers Group (GDG) orderly a Google I/O Extended eventuality in a National Incubation Center in Islamabad on 27th Jul 2018. The eventuality was attended by hundreds of individuals. A poignant infancy of a attendees were undergrads who wanted to learn about a change of record on a lives of people. The eventuality was sponsored by several companies, including TeamUp, Telemart, and EMUMBA etc. The eventuality revolved around discussions about a purpose of record in a bland lives among a horde of other activities.

The assembly was addressed by a array of successful people of a Pakistani tech industry, including a CEO of ANZEN, Mr. Erishan Anwar, who talked to a assembly about Machine Learning. The whole assembly was vacant when Mr. Anwar listed sum of how Machine Learning can capacitate a mechanism complement to remove information and use it to envision a subsequent steps. To strengthen his talk, he serve explained how a prophecy ability of a mechanism can assistance it in rewriting an whole book after examining it once – that too but any faults and flaws. He afterwards enforced how his company, ANZEN, is operative in a margin of Artificial Intelligence to rise systems that can perform several tasks but any need for primer (user) input.

Dr. Yasir, a Professor during a National University of Science and Technology (NUST, Islamabad campus) serve continued a speak on Artificial Intelligence by revelation a assembly about new developments in a margin of robotics. He introduced a assembly to dual organizations that are operative in a margin of robotics in a country, namely a Robotics and Intelligence Systems Engineering (RISE) Lab of NUST and a National Center of Artificial Intelligence (NCAI). He sensitive participants about a few of a projects of a aforementioned organizations, that enclosed an Intelligent Wheelchair with semi-autonomous steering support and a prosthetic leg for disabled individuals. Dr. Yasir emphasized a medical implementations of these projects, saying how a pronounced projects can be critical in revolutionizing a medical attention of a country.

A set of other talks were conducted by tech influencers as well, that perplexed a assembly to fire a array of questions during a speakers in a bid to explain their ambiguities and to serve remove believe from them.

A keynote residence on a products of Google was given after on, that saw users being introduced to a set of new facilities of Google. These enclosed Duplex, Google’s new AI Personal Assistant that has a ability to figure out a user’s preferences formed on his actions. Google’s updated News focus was brought to a spotlight as good by informing a assembly about how a new app uses AI to systematise news and to benefaction applicable news to a user formed on his preferences. Last, a arriving Android P was introduced to a public. Android P is a subsequent iteration of a Android Operating System and is now in a Beta module stage. It is approaching to hurl out to a open in a entrance weeks.

One vital prominence of a Google I/O Extended eventuality was a Hiring Challenge. One of a gravest issues benefaction in a nation currently is stagnation and deliberation a fact that some-more than 65% of Pakistan’s race is a youth, such Challenges are welcomed with good enthusiasm. Companies from opposite a nation took partial in a Challenge, revelation a participants about open billets in their firms along with a skills they sought in a particular formulation to fill a particular billets. Participants energetically gave their CVs around, that were assessed by a companies’ staff, who serve interviewed a participants on a mark in a bid to consider their abilities.

All in all, it can be safely pronounced that a eventuality has been a outrageous success. Participants got to know a lot and a organizers got a possibility to dispatch believe to a girl of a country. Win-win, right?

With this, TechJuice signs off as a Official Media Partner of Google I/O Extended Islamabad.

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