Google IO liveblog: a 2017 keynote updates in real-time

12:00PM: The Google IO keynote has strictly ended. But a coverage goes on in a all-encompassing Google IO news hub. The vital theme? Google is transitioning from a mobile initial association to an AI initial company. No, mobile isn’t dead, though it’s apropos reduction of a concentration with each association investing in synthetic intelligence.

Google wants a Google Assistant to lead a way, and with new Google Photos, Google Home and sparkling DayDream VR announcements, though finished some poignant swell today.

Now… we’re off to check out a demo stations during Google IO. We didn’t see a lot of hardware like a Google Pixel 2, though we did see a lot of a program that will come to that phone with a entrance of a Android O beta and new features.

Thanks for fasten us for this minute-by-minute liveblog. Android out!

11:58AM: Google has one some-more pretence adult a sleeve for a Google IO keynote. It’s regulating appurtenance training to assistance we find a job. This could be a immeasurable blow to other career-finding sites. Finding applicable jobs in your area, and assisting employers find a right margin with what Google calls a “power tool” could be an mercantile diversion changer. 

11:53AM: Google is about to wrap-up a Google IO keynote, and it’s once again finale things with appurtenance training and how it can assistance people in health. In a latest scenario, it’s regulating a height called TensorFlow to assistance improved diagnose mammograms with a educated high schooler regulating open source collection to make swell in this field.

11:50AM: Google has teased a second era of AR phones with a Asus Zenfone AR we saw during CES 2017. You’ll notice that from AR tablets to phones, we’re removing smaller and smaller inclination that can do protracted reality. Pretty soon, it might be accessible in your normal phone, not a specialized one.

11:47AM: Google has teased a second era of AR phones with a Asus Zenfone AR we saw during CES 2017. You’ll notice that from AR tablets to phones, we’re removing smaller and smaller inclination that can do protracted reality. Pretty soon, it might be accessible in your normal phone, not a specialized one.

11:45 AM: You won’t need a phone to turn partial of Google’s DayDream VR experience. It’s announcing a standalone headset with partners with Qualcomm, a anxiety pattern blueprint.

HTC and Lenovo are dual of a companies creation standalone DayDream VR headsets. Vive generally has some imagination in this margin with a HTC Vive, so that’s sparkling it’s finally removing into tetherless VR.

11:44AM: Big VR surprises function right now: Google Daydream VR is entrance to a Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, giving we a opposite approach to believe practical existence than Samsung’s Gear VR platform.

11:38AM: Android Go and YoTube Go is Google’s ways of saving your data, that is good for all users. It’s generally critical for Google’s widespread into a building world. It’s not many for a Western world, including a US and UK, though a wider a Android assembly gets, a improved for a end-user.

11:33AM: The Android O beta will be finished accessible starting today. That’s good news for non-developers who wants to check out these facilities before a finish of a summer, when we design a Android O name and recover date to come into full view.

11:31AM: Google is strictly ancillary a formula new programming language: Kotlin. it’s entirely Android runtime concordant and concordant with developers’ existent code.

A new denunciation is a good approach to pierce over C denunciation and take on Apple’s new-ish language, Swift.

11:28AM: Google’s Android O refurbish is removing a immeasurable confidence push, dubbed Google Play Protect. But a biggest problem are sideloaded apps, so we’ll see how this does for a many exposed Android users.

OS Optimizations is a subsequent feature. Boot time will be twice as discerning on a Google Pixel. Remember when a Google Nexus 6 took a notation and a half customarily to foot adult from an off-state. A lot can change in 3 years. 

11:24AM: Autofill with Google is expanding to apps. If you’re confusing to record into an app like Twitter, for example, and since you’ve logged into Twitter on a web with Google Chrome, we can simply record into a app now. This will make environment adult new phones or other device a snap. Phone reviews everywhere (who setup new phones on a weekly basis) are cheering.

Here’s another underline Smart Text Selection. You’ll be means to name content like an residence some-more simply – removing some-more of what we wish and nothing of a content we don’t.

11:23AM: Notification Dots will be a second immeasurable Android O feature. Like iOS and Samsung phones, you’ll see presentation froth on tip of app icons. Why this wasn’t finished before was perplexing, though it’ll finally be here this summer.

11:22AM: Picture-in-picture is a initial immeasurable Android O underline announced today. All we have to do is press a home symbol while examination a video, and we can multitask while still examination that window in a dilemma (any we chose). It’ll sojourn there until we appropriate a video away.

11:20AM: Android O is entrance “later this some,” according to Google, and we’re in for some-more liquid practice and improved battery life.

11:18AM: Okay. immeasurable news incoming after a delayed YouTube news. Android’s Dave Burke customarily took a theatre to make some Android O announcements.

11:13AM: How are Super Chats regulating AI? You can perform actions, like branch on and off lights or transfer a garland of H2O on your favorite creator. Google demoed it with a YouTube group Slow Mo Guys, pelting them with H2O 500 balloons, lifting $500 for charity.

11:11AM: Super Chats are being demoed. It’s a formerly announced underline that that lets we compensate income to have your criticism pinned to a fast-moving live chats on YouTube live streams. These pinned messages are a good approach to get your messages seen and assistance creators acquire money.

11:08AM: 360 videos are entrance to a immeasurable screen. This will assistance we conclude a ability to demeanour around videos from each singular angle on a immeasurable television. Previously, this was customarily accessible on smaller inclination like, phones, tablets and computers. Now it’s entrance to a vital room and you’ll even be means to demeanour around regulating a remote.

11:02AM: YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki customarily took a Google IO keynote stage, her initial time on seductiveness of YouTube. It’ll be seductiveness if we announces new facilities or helps solve some of a problems YouTubers have gifted with honesty and interlude a widespread of argumentative videos. It’s a excellent line.

10:59AM: So far, each Google IO keynote proclamation seems connected, from Google Lens, to new Google Home facilities to Google Photos Shared Library and Photo Books.

What’s fondness them together? Machine training and AI. It’s unequivocally changing how we’re interacting with a inclination bit by bit. The long-term prophesy is clearly to giveaway adult your time spend on a inclination and believe life more.

Next up, Google is changeable to YouTube announcements. Keep is sealed to TechRadar’s stability liveblog for some-more Google IO keynote news announcements.

10:56AM: Google Photo Book is bringing your digital photos to life – during slightest in a form of tough copies. With appurtenance learning, we can configure a print book though a need to name a photos yourself. Luckily, you’ll be means to make tweaks as we see fit. But a immeasurable legwork is all finished for you. 

Photo Books is entrance to a US first, and it’ll cost $9.99.

10:54AM: Google says that it’ll launch Suggested Sharing and Shared Library on Android, iOS and a web in a entrance weeks. It’s meant to be reduction about we worrying about pity memories, and some-more about experiencing them.

10:51AM: Shared Library is a new underline that will automatically send your photos to a desired one. That’s a ideal approach to send photos to a spouse, for example, and it’s automatically saved to their library.

But if we don’t wish to drown in a desired one’s photos, Google says it’ll name a many applicable photos regulating appurtenance training and send them off. Again, this is something entrance to Android and iOS, so no matter a platform, you’ll have your photos.

10:49AM: Google Photos Suggested Sharing will even send an SMS and/or email to recipients with full fortitude photos. There’ll also be a approach to ask these people to minister their possess photos?

Will this be a diversion changer to flare over photos we never get around to promulgation to friends and family? Facebook has attempted with before, though Google appears to be holding a thought adult a nick with appurtenance learning.

10:48AM: Google customarily called we “a good photographer, though a terrible person.” Google Photos is going to assistance we upload those long, mislaid photos with a new underline called suggested sharing.

It’ll not customarily remind we about share suggestions, though advise people around a new Suggested Sharing feature.

10:46AM: The tip part behind Google Photos is pronounced to be curation for a 500M users and 1.2 million photos and videos uploaded everyday.

10:43AM: The fourth and final underline is visible responses, right on your TV. It’s kind of like a final underline that’s all about entertainment, though putting responses and formula on your radio screen. “Everything can be finished in a hands-free approach right from a comfort of my couch.” 

10:40AM: Third underline –your favorite party – involves Google Chromecast. You’ll be means to ask your Google Home to play HBO, Spotify giveaway and other streaming platforms to play by your Chromecast. It’s roughly as if your inexpensive streaming adapter customarily got voice commands.

10:37AM: The second new underline for Google Home is hands-free calling, and it’ll be giveaway to make these calls in a US and Canada. Chandra finished a belated mother’s day call to his mom.

What’s good is that he says that Google Home called his mom, though if his mother had asked to “call mom,” it’d call her mom. So important.

He customarily called it, “the ultimate hands-free speakerphone.”

10:36AM: Four new facilities are entrance to Google Home. Proactive Assistance is entrance to a speaker, with simple, though critical messages about arriving events. It’ll advise we of moody time changes and arriving appoints, for example.

10:35AM: Google Home is now a concentration on a stage, and Google’s Rishi Chandra says it’s expanding over a US and UK with new countries means to sequence a company’s intelligent speaker: Canada, Austraulia, France Germany and Japan.

10:33AM:  Actions on Google is a bot-run Google Assistant height that’s expanding currently with payments. So in further to grouping from a restaurant, you’ll be means to compensate with your Google comment when we check out.

Your phone will pronounce to we customarily like we were articulate to someone during a store. You’re in control with what we share during each step of a way, promises to Google.

10:30AM: Google Assistant on a iPhone is outrageous news since not customarily is Google competing with Apple, it’s also training from Apple’s immeasurable audience. That means a appurtenance training capabilities will get even better. That’s an advantage that Apple won’t have, as we don’t design to see Siri on Android any time soon.

10:29AM: Google Assistant is entrance to a iPhone, right before Apple is ostensible to announce a immeasurable refurbish to Siri. Ouch! So in further to Android devices, TVs, wearables and automobile systems, Google is entrance to a iPhone.

10:26AM: Google Lens and Google Assistant are mixing here, so you’ll be means to learn about what you’re saying though carrying to ask about it with your voice. 

The best instance is visible translation. Tap a Google Lens icon, indicate a camera during an object on a Japanese menu (when we don’t know a language) and ask Google Assistant “What does it demeanour like?” and it’ll give we photos. You don’t need to submit menu equipment we don’t know about customarily to know what you’re grouping before it comes out.

10:25AM: Huffman is articulate about Google is enormous a tough appurtenance training challenge: how we can pronounce to AI bots with healthy denunciation and still get applicable responses. That’s a hulk hurdle.

10:24AM: : Google is display a video montage of Google Assistant, with a immeasurable concentration on a intelligent home. Scott Huffman is holding a stage, and we’re design immeasurable news one year after a association suggested Google Home and Assistant for a initial time. What’s next? We’re about to find out. There’s a lot to infer with Amazon Echo Show with Alexa and a a rumors Siri Speaker entrance soon.

10:22AM: Google is pulling computers and appurtenance training so distant is that you’ll be means to use AutoDraw to have computers pull for you. It’s now about being lazy, though training computers to do implausible things that haven’t been probable before. Sundar joked that even he can successfully pull with AutoDraw.

10:18AM: Now a Google IO keynote is removing geeky, that is a good fit for a developer-filled audience. We’re articulate neuralnets building neuralnets with what Google calls AutoML. How will finish users see benefits? Well, medical is a initial immeasurable commencement of this appurtenance training benefit. 

Machine training can assistance detect a widespread of cancer interjection to modernized Digital Pathology. “Pathologists can urge diagnosis.” It’ll also request to simple sciences with DNA Sequencing.

10:14AM: Here are some uses for Google Lens, as demoed during a Google IO keynote. See restaurants in front of you? Well, Google knows where we are (because it knows everything about we around a believe graph) and will benefaction reviews and information over tip of a building.

Even better, crawling underneath your co-workers table in sequence to get a SSID and cue of a Wi-Fi router? Snap a print and it’ll indeed parse out a information and bond you. There was really acclaim for that first-world problem.

10:12AM: Sundar is articulate adult a swell finished in photos, with some light applause. The sorcery behind Google Photos is astounding. But it’s customarily a beginning.

With that, Google Lens has been announced. It uses a camera to brand what you’re saying in genuine life. It’s like Bixby, though maybe it’ll indeed be useful.

10:09AM: Smart respond is entrance from Gmail. It’s a accessible underline we didn’t use when we motionless not to download (or during slightest actively use) Google Allo. Now you’ll be means to use this discerning respond underline to answer your emails.

10:08AM: “This week, we’ve crossed over 2 billion active users on Android,” pronounced Sundar. But… there’s always a but, computing is elaborating again.

10:06AM: Sundar has taken a theatre and immediately articulate immeasurable numbers, in a billions, between users and YouTube views. Google Drive will be a subsequent to mangle billion user breakthrough during 800+ million. “The scale of these products are amazing,” he said.

10:03AM: It’s started. Right on time, we’re now into a introduction video (a lovable charcterised short) for a Google IO keynote, right before Google CEO Sundar Pichai takes a stage.

09:48AM: There’s a lot of work that goes into bringing we news and updates of live events like a Google IO keynote. These are customarily dual of a people behind a madness, Michelle (left) and me, Matt Swider (right). We’re psyched to be in Mountain View on a Google campus to move we a latest announcements. Just mins to go now. 

09:34AM: We’re reduction than 30 mins from Google CEO Sundar Pichai holding a Google IO keynote stage, and we’re conference some amped adult tunes with ‘Audio powered by Android.’ The techno song vibe record goes with all of a gadgetry here in a audience.

08:54AM: We’re one hour from a Google IO liveblog minute-by-minute updates and already seated in a outside Amphitheater. What are we conference besides cocktail song grating over a speakers?  Rumors about a standalone VR headset. It’s been talked about by a non-media audience. News travels quickly. What does that meant for Google Daydream? Is it going to accelerate a expansion of VR? We’ll know really soon.

08:12AM: It’s official. We’re during Google IO 2017, and for all of a people who contend “Picture or it didn’t happen,” we’ve got that now.

We’re huddled with a world’s press during Google’s Shoreline Amphitheater watchful to go into a keynote. It’ll start during 10AM on a dot.

12:00AM: We’re kicking off a Google IO liveblog this morning in Mountain View, California, and we’re in a association of thousands of  Android fans 

They have a reason to be excited. Google’s May 17 keynote starts in 10 hours, and it’ll chaperon in a destiny of Android program and hardware.

Google has incited IO into a developer-focused outside festival that celebrates coding and creation as an art. And a Android village plays a artist.

There’s really a start-up vibe to Google IO, though you’re still going to hear a lot of immeasurable impact announcements true from a Alphabet company.

We’ll be covering all of a news here in real-time over a subsequent several hours. Here’s some credentials while we sleep.

Google IO liveblog start time

We’re going to start a Google IO 2017 liveblog around 7AM – and all will be in Pacific Time. After all, we’re in ‘Google Country’ right now.

The tangible keynote starts during 10AM, with doors opening an hour in advance. That’s customarily how prolonged it takes us to get Wi-Fi operative scrupulously – Google Wifi’s filigree tie might assistance this year.

We’ll yield minute-by-minute updates of what Google CEO Sundar Pichai says on theatre and what your Android phone will demeanour like (software-wise) in 4 months.

Google IO liveblog: what to expect

What’s subsequent for a Alphabet company? Over a subsequent 12 to 24 months, your phone and speakers will get smarter, with Google rallying behind Assistant.

AI is pushing all of a vital players in tech, including Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and Facebook though Google’s believe graph has so many information to work with.

Google Home is a company’s budding AI orator product, and we’re expected to see how it’ll answer a new Amazon Eco Show and a intelligent Alexa assistant.

Android O is a certain thing during Google IO. This is where Google likes to provoke new facilities for a mobile handling complement and a web.

Will we see Android Wear, Chromebook, automobile tech and lots of lots of VR tech. You can review some-more about from a couple below.

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