Google is already using out of Pixel 2 stock

It’s been usually 3 hours given Google’s Pixel 2 eventuality wrapped adult — though if you’re formulation to buy one and haven’t gotten around to it yet, you’re already late adequate to be on a watchful list.

Many models of a Pixel 2 and each indication of a Pixel 2 XL have already seen their smoothness dates trip past a phone’s Oct 19th launch date. Here’s a stream conditions in the Google Store:

Pixel 2:

Black 64GB: In stock.
Black 128GB: In stock.
White 64GB: 5-6 weeks.
White 128GB: 2-3 weeks
Blue 64GB: 6-7 weeks

Pixel 2 XL:

Black 64GB: 2-3 weeks
Black 128GB: 2-3 weeks
White 64GB: out of stock, waitlist
White 128GB: out of stock, waitlist.

The conditions isn’t great. If we wish a smaller Pixel we competence be fine, though anyone meddlesome in a incomparable indication is going to have to wait.

There is another option, though: Verizon is also offered the Pixel 2 and 2 XL, and it has a bit some-more availability: all models of a Pixel 2 are now in batch for Oct 19th delivery; both capacities of a black 2 XL are pushed behind usually a week, to Oct 25th; and both capacities of a white 2 XL are pushed to Nov 1st. That’s still a delay, though it’s not utterly as bad.

It’s no outrageous warn to see a phone offered out during a preorder duration — Apple does it fast each singular year, and in much, most incomparable numbers. But in this case, it’s not a good pointer for Google. Google had a surprisingly tough time gripping a strange Pixel in stock flattering most all year long, and we’ve been watchful to see if it would do improved this time around. The association even done a fun about a troubles on stage.

But early signs advise that Google is going to have about as most difficulty this year. It’s probable that Pixel 2 preorders were placed in distant aloft numbers than Google expected — though a Pixel, ultimately, isn’t all that renouned yet. So there’s a good possibility that this is only a initial pointer of stocking troubles for a Pixel 2.

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