Google is ‘making it a priority’ to repair pity spam issues with Drive

Google Drive is an glorious height not usually for storage, though sharing and collaborating on files. However, there’s been a spam emanate stealing in plain sight, and now a association intends to repair complaints with Google Drive in this area.

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Noted by How-To Geek, Google Drive’s pity complement has had a problem for utterly some time that creates it receptive to spam.

The issue, essentially, is that anyone can share any files with we so prolonged as they have your email address, and we can’t entirely mislay them from your account. Sharing a record with someone else doesn’t need their permission, and they can’t entirely mislay all traces of that common record or folder. The “remove” symbol usually hides it from perspective with a record in doubt still surfacing in hunt and other areas.

Odds are, it’s not an emanate you’ve had most difficulty with, though it can be frustrating if it comes up. One user that How-To Geek sources notes that a folder their ex controls is still display in their account. Yikes. Making matters worse, there’s unequivocally zero we can do to repair this during a moment.

Thankfully, Google is on a case. A orator reliable that creation changes to how Google Drive handles sharing, privately in avoiding spam, is a priority. How a association skeleton on doing that, however, is still mostly unclear.

For a immeasurable infancy of users, a default pity permissions in Drive work as intended. Unfortunately, this was not a box for this user and we unequivocally apologize for her experience. In light of this issue, we are evaluating changes to a spam, abuse, and restraint facilities that will forestall this kind of activity from holding place on Drive. In a interim, users who are experiencing identical issues can mislay themselves from a folder, and a folder should not reappear in possibly “My Drive” or “Shared with Me” unless they revisit it.

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