Google is contemplating Pixel 2 owners directly from a phone’s settings menu

Back in Jul of 2017, OnePlus owners were dissapoint when a association began regulating a “survey” on a phone seeking users how they favourite a latest handset. Now, it seems as yet Google is doing a same thing with a Pixel 2, with a consult popping adult in a handset’s settings menu…

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While regulating his Pixel 2 XL progressing today, Andrew Martonik from Android Central stumbled on a pop-up burble during a bottom of his settings menu. The item, labeled “Help urge Pixel: 1 notation survey,” allows users to possibly boot a pop-up or take a survey.

If we select to take a survey, we are asked 3 opposite questions: how confident are we with a phone, when did we start regulating a phone, and what association made your prior smartphone.

So far, Martonik is a usually user we’ve listened of who has perceived this survey. It’s expected if this reaches a vast commission of Pixel 2 owners, only like a OnePlus consult did, that users will be justly upset. If Google unequivocally wanted to consult Pixel 2 users, a association should have substantially run the questions by a Google Opinion Rewards focus instead of in a settings menu.

pixel-2-survey-1 pixel-2-survey-2 pixel-2-survey-3 pixel-2-survey-4

Check out 9to5Google on YouTube for some-more news:

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