Google only announced a $400 intelligent speaker, Google Home Max, to contest with Apple’s HomePod

Google took a wraps off a new high-end intelligent orator on
Wednesday, a $400 device directed during audiophiles that
turns adult a feverishness in a competition
with Apple, Amazon and

The new speaker, that goes on sale in December, is called Google

It looks a lot like a Sonos Play 5 speaker:

google home maxGoogle

And there’s a good reason for that!

Google Home Max is a high-end intelligent orator directed during people who
caring some-more about sound peculiarity than cost. If you’re balking during the
$400 price, that’s substantially since this orator isn’t meant for
you. Google showed off a orator by trotting out Diplo, a DJ
who’s generally renouned with audiophiles.

More than only a speaker, though, Google Home Max is also a
“smart” orator — definition it’s a voice-controlled device that has
Google Assistant built in. You can ask it how distant divided Pluto is
from Earth, or we can ask it directions, or what a continue is
like today, or whatever else — though where it unequivocally shines is when
we ask it to play music.

That puts it in
approach foe with Apple’s stirring HomePod
, that is
also disposition on sound peculiarity as a differentiator, as good as

a new Amazon Echo Plus

Like a other Google Home devices, Max works with services like
Spotify and Apple Music so we can say, “Hey Google, play ‘Drops
of Jupiter’ by Train” and it’ll play that song. It won’t even
make fun of we for listening to “Drops of Jupiter” by Train or

Google Home MaxGoogle

Google Home Max is a large speaker, and it’s housing
some critical hardware behind that accessible facade.

Google Pixel eventGoogle

There are dual 4.5-inch woofers, and a cackle of tweeters behind
that — Google says it’s “twenty times some-more powerful” than
a strange Google Home. Since it’s focused on critical music
heads, Google Home Max has a line-in pier so we can block in
whatever we want. And as we competence imagine, Google Home Max
works with other Google Home devices. 

The new Google Home Max arrives in December, and it costs $400.
When it does arrive, it’ll come in dual colors: “chalk” and
“charcoal.” If you’re interested, here’s anticipating you’re in a US
— a Google Home Max is a US disdainful until “early subsequent year”
when it starts shipping elsewhere.

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