Google Just Told Me Which OEMs to Buy Phones From and It’s Not …

Essential. OnePlus. Sony. Xiaomi. Nokia. Oppo. Vivo. I’ll remember those names a subsequent time we go sport for a new phone as someone who cares about a module that runs on my phones. Those are a companies that Google has told me to keep an eye on if we like to knowledge all that is new in Android a bit earlier, nothing of that are Samsung or Huawei or LG or HTC.

I move this adult after spending a past week with Android P Beta using on both my Pixel 2 XL and Essential Phone, since as you’ll remember from final week during Google I/O, Google non-stop adult a Android Beta program for a initial time to a whole garland of other phone makers that all offering Android P Developer Preview 2 during a accurate same time as Google. Seriously, my Essential Phone is using a same early beta module as Google’s. That’s a large deal.

It’s a large understanding since if we wanted to exam and play with new versions of Android in a past, we had to buy Google’s phones. While I tend to cite Google’s phones over others, a fact that we can start deliberation non-Google phones to get Android P or Android Q or R or S though watchful months and months is an sparkling one. It changes Android. In fact, we could roughly disagree that it creates Android P a biggest refurbish nonetheless (Hey, a post idea!).

I know that when a OnePlus 6 is announced in a integrate of days and afterwards expelled a week or so later, we can buy it and afterwards run Android P. If we confirm during some indicate that Sony’s overpriced Xperia XZ2 creates sense, we can get one and run Android P. When we import a ridiculously prohibited Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S in all white, I’m going to put Android P on it and leave MIUI off perpetually (hopefully).

And with Android P, we get to exam Google’s new hate-it-or-love-it gesticulate navigation, knowledge new battery saver and adaptive liughtness modes, get used to a new volume controls, daub on suggested replies, implement a some-more modernized do not disturb, etc. we get to do all of that on my non-Google phone, only like Google phone owners have always finished and taken honour in.

While there are no guarantees that these manufacturers will continue doing this whole Android Beta support for life, nor do we unequivocally know how they’ll say beta marks or updates with new Developer Preview releases, it’s still an critical step for Android. If anything, we have a list of phone makers to go demeanour to in Google’s list of upheld Android Beta devices. No doubt these will change over time, though we know where to demeanour for phone manufacturers that support a things in phones that we caring about.

“But Kellen, Samsung has a beta program!” They certain do! But their module offers a beta on fast software, dual months after than Google shipped it to a possess phones, and another 5 months before it started rolling out to phones as “stable.”

With this Android P Beta, we also are removing a pristine Android experience, that for some of us, is a large deal. Clean Android practice are flattering tough to find, nonetheless this P Beta turns phones from companies like Xiaomi into batch experiences. You can possess a Sony or Xiaomi or Oppo phone and embankment their skin for Google’s Android. It’s a Android dream entrance true.

So until Samsung or LG or HTC or Huawei get in on a action, we cruise we know who to keep on my list of OEMs to cruise shopping from.

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