Google Keep Notes: What it is, how to use it, and where to download!

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Google Keep Notes is one of a simplest and best giveaway note holding apps on mobile. It’s permitted on Android, iOS, and by your web browser. The app recently changed from usually Google Keep to Google Keep Notes. The app is differently a same, though. It’s usually a teenager rename from Google. It seems like a elementary note holding app on a surface. However, it has a ton of fun tiny facilities and copiousness of extras for your convenience. Let’s take a demeanour during how to use Google Keep Notes. You can download a app to your Android device with a symbol usually below.

  • Creating a new note
  • Organize your notes
  • Use labels
  • Delete, archive, copy, and share notes
  • Collaborate, change colors, and layout
  • Time and plcae reminders
  • Use OCR to register images
  • Export your records to Google Drive

What is Google Keep Notes?

Google Keep Notes is a note-taking app. It’s connected directly to a Google Drive experience. However, distinct many of Google Drive, Google Keep Notes is a possess experience. Thus, we can’t entrance records from a Google Drive app like we can Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides. Taking records consumes your Google Drive space. However, given they are so small, you’ll substantially never indeed notice.

The app launched on Mar 20, 2013. It’s undergone a ton of evolutions given then. That includes a aforementioned name change, several UI updates and changes, and several underline improvements and additions. It now has over 100 million downloads in a Google Play Store. There is also a web version, a Google Chrome extension, and mobile apps for both Android and iOS

The app facilities a elementary UI, copiousness of elementary customization features, and support for Google’s Wear OS. It’s lightweight appearance creates it snappier than heavier note-taking solutions. It also has some of a best cross-platform support of any note holding app on mobile. Lastly, a app is totally giveaway with no in-app purchases, subscriptions, or reward versions. Let’s check out how to use it!

How to use Google Keep Notes: The basics

Let’s start with some of a basics. This should get your feet into a doorway and get we rolling with Google Keep Notes.

How to emanate a note in Google Keep Notes

How to emanate new notes:

You can emanate 5 simple note forms in Google Keep Notes. They embody a unchanging content note, a list note, a handwritten note, a voice note, and a design note with your camera.

  • The bottom bar of a categorical shade provides discerning shortcuts to make all 5 forms of notes. 
  • You can start typing in a supposing mark in a bottom bar to emanate a unchanging content note. Each idol to a right creates a opposite arrange of note. They go in sequence of list notes, scratch notes, voice notes, and design notes. Simply daub one of those icons to start formulating your note.
  • You can entrance Google Keep by going to and take records on a website chronicle a same approach as a app. The web chronicle includes design notes, lists, unchanging content notes, and hand-drawn records with your mouse. Your stylus or finger is also serviceable if your mechanism supports it.
  • You can also implement a Google Chrome extension for Google Keep Notes. It’s a tiny fussy though it does, in fact, take notes. 
  • Lastly, Google Keep Notes has local support for Google Assistant. You can ask Google Assistant to take a note and that note should seem in Google Keep. A neat underline for this one is to emanate a selling list note in Google Keep Notes. You can afterwards ask Google Assistant to supplement equipment to your selling list and it’ll stock a note with those items. 
  • You can share many things to Google Keep to store them as notes. That includes links in Google Chrome, images from your gallery app of choice, etc. Simply name Google Keep from that app’s share menu and it’ll emanate a note!

How to pierce a note - Google Keep Notes

Basic classification of notes:

You can classify records in a accumulation of ways with Google Keep Notes. However, a categorical routine is a list on a categorical page. This is where you’ll correlate with many of your notes.

  • You can classify records on a categorical page by dire and holding on a note. It pops out and we can afterwards drag it adult or down a list during your leisure.
  • Additionally, we can pin records to a really tip of a list if needed. You can accomplish this by prolonged dire a note we wish to pin. Once it is selected, a quarrel of icons appears during a tip of a screen. Select a one that looks like a pull pin and Google Keep will pin that note to a tip of a list. Easy!

These are labels in Google Keep Notes

Google Keep Notes also uses labels to classify notes:

Labels are a pleasant approach to classify notes. You can allot any note to mixed labels for even deeper classification as well. With labels, we can perspective specific records in that tag to assistance we find things some-more quickly. Of course, a hunt works good for that too, even on handwritten notes!

  • There is a tag complement in a pull-out menu. It’s permitted by shifting in from a left side of a shade or by clicking a Keep idol in a tip left. You can create, customize, and classify your labels there. 
  • Adding records to labels is easy. Open any note that we wish to supplement to a label. There is a three-dot symbol in a bottom right dilemma of a note. Click it, name a labels option, and afterwards name a tag we wish a note to be in. 
  • Once we allot labels to notes, we can fast entrance usually those records by opening a menu of Google Keep Notes and selecting a label. It afterwards shows we all of a records underneath that label. 

Share, Delete, Archive, and Copy records in Google Keep Notes

How to make copies, delete, share, or repository records in Google Keep Notes:

Google Keep Notes allows we to make copies of notes. Additionally, we can undo them, repository them, and share them with other apps if we need to. This adds a covering of versatility. Plus, archiving records means that they are retrievable should we ever change your mind. We suggest archiving records instead of deletion them, though we can go possibly route.

  • Long-press any note to name it. From there, strike a three-dot menu symbol in a tip right-hand dilemma of a screen. 
  • The choice to make a copy, undo a note, or repository a note are all in that menu.
  • You can also share records to other apps. Enter a note, click a three-dot symbol in a bottom right corner. From there, name a “Share” choice followed by a “Send around other apps” option. The information contained in a note is afterwards sent to whatever app we choose.

Google Keep Notes - tone palette changing

Change note colors, combine with friends, and change a layout:

There are some other simple functions in a app. This includes changing colors, collaborating with friends, and changing a categorical page layout. These facilities assistance supplement some opposite to a app along with some-more options for regulating it.

  • You can change a tone of any note in dual ways. The initial is short-pressing any note to enter a revise mode. Hit a three-dot symbol in a bottom right and a tone palette will seem opposite a bottom of a screen. The second routine is to prolonged press a note until it’s selected. A palette idol appears on a tip bar. Press it to change a tone that approach as well.
  • Google Keep Notes facilities collaborative notes. You can supplement friends or family members to any note and everybody can revise them in real-time. To do this, open a note and strike a three-dot menu symbol on a bottom right corner. A co-operator choice will seem in a menu. Simply supplement them with their email residence and they can use that comment to entrance a note along with you.
  • Users can adjust a simple blueprint of Google Keep Notes with a box idol in a tip right corner. You usually have dual options. The initial is a some-more minimal routine that shows one note during a time in a list. The second shows dual records corresponding in a list format. Choose a one that suits we best.

Advanced features

Google Keep can indeed do utterly a bit some-more than usually take records and it has a garland of additional facilities for other forms of uses as well.

Reminders in Google Keep Notes

How to use Google Keep Notes reminders:

Google Keep Notes reminders are a absolute and fun approach to remind yourself to do things. It’s not utterly as absolute as a dedicated to-do list app. However, simple things like remembering to squeeze divert when we go to a store is right in this app’s wheelhouse. You can do reminders dual ways with plcae and also with time.

  • You can supplement reminders to notes. The reminders make records cocktail adult whenever we need them to. This underline is serviceable in dual ways. The initial is by long-pressing a note and afterwards clicking on a finger icon. You can also enter into an particular note and find a finger idol there. 
  • Reminders can be set by time and date. You can also have a note sign recover during unchanging intervals if we want. This lets Google Keep Notes duty like a really light to-do list app.
  • You can also set reminders with a place as a GPS reminder. This pops a sign adult when we strech a certain destination. You can entrance it a same approach as we can a unchanging reminders. Simply click on Place during a tip of a reminders box when it pops up.
  • Google Keep Notes needs plcae permissions in sequence to use plcae reminders. Denying a app plcae accede prevents plcae reminders from working, even if we do it after formulating them.

Google Keep Notes - OCR support

Transcribe design records into content with OCR:

Google Keep Notes gives we a ability to register content from a earthy intent that we take cinema of. This can be a menu, a gummy note on your monitor, or even a recipe list.

  • In Google Keep, take a design of an object with difference on it. Continue until a note is created.
  • Open a note with a design it and daub on a image.
  • In a tip right corner, click a three-dot menu and name a “Grab Image Text” option.
  • Google Keep Notes adds a content from a design into a note itself for destiny reference.

Send records to Google Drive

Export records from Google Keep Notes to Google Drive:

Sometimes it’s required to pierce your records to a some-more absolute medium. Google Drive allows for things like content formatting with richer options for request composition. Google Keep Notes and Google Drive are connected together so it’s indeed flattering easy to pierce records to Google Drive should we need them there.

  • There are dual categorical ways to do this. One is in a app and a other is on a web chronicle of Google Drive.
  • The app chronicle is easier. Long-press a note from a categorical page and click a three-dot menu during a top. There is an choice to duplicate to Google Drive. Click it and wait for a routine to complete.
  • The other approach is a tiny some-more complicated, though it lets we inject information from a note into a Google Doc. Open a Google Doc in your computer’s web browser. There should be a Google Keep idol in a right margin. Click it. 
  • From there, we can click and drag records into a Google Doc. Google Drive copies a content and formatting (if it’s in list format) into a Google Doc.

Google Keep 101: How to score list items

Google Keep: Top 5 facilities we need to know about

You should be means to do fundamentally all in Google Keep Notes now. We’ll refurbish a list as Google continues to supplement new features. Of course, we wish to hear from we as well! What facilities do we use a many and, as always, let us know if we missed anything!

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