Google launches Android 9 Pie, rolling out now to Pixel and Pixel 2

After five developer previews over an equal series of months, Google announced currently that Android 9 is strictly out of beta. Named “Pie,” third-party manufacturers can start scheming device updates following a final recover to AOSP. In a meantime, Android Pie is rolling out now to a Google Pixel and Pixel 2.

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Android 9 is a vital yearly refurbish with Google focusing on “Simplicity” and “Intelligence” in this initial release, with “Digital Wellbeing” entrance in a fall. This chronicle introduces new gesture-based complement navigation, commencement with a nav bar that essentially facilities a pill-shaped home button.


A appropriate adult opens a new Overview shade that uses straight cards to provide full-screen previews of applications. Swiping a tablet to a right anywhere in Android — including a homescreen — will fast take users to their final used app. This is meant to reinstate a now private multitasking button. Meanwhile, stability to reason a home symbol will concede users to plumb corkscrew by all new apps.

On a Pixel Launcher, this new Overview also facilities a Search bar and wharf of 5 app “Suggestions.” In this label view, users can precedence Smart Text Selection to prominence content and fast duplicate or take actions on addresses and phone numbers.

Similarly, Pie facilities a new magnifier that creates selecting an accurate indicate of content easier. Split shade is still permitted from this shade by holding down on a card’s app idol to exhibit a menu.

Quick Settings have been redesigned with a dull row now housing a initial 6 toggles. From a full pane, Google unfortunately private a ability to reason down on particular settings to entrance an in-line list of Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth devices, and more. The toggles can usually be tapped on/off or hold down to open a full page in a Settings app, that has been redesigned on a Pixel and Pixel 2.

With colorful icons, there is now a ‘Recently sent’ notifications list that’s a partial of Digital Wellbeing to assist users in handling device usage. The Battery Saver is now some-more pointed with a standing and navigation bar no longer splendid orange. Instead, usually a battery idol receives an orange outline and and pointer to note that a mode is on.

A series of complement settings have been tweaked, like volume controls. The earthy rocker defaults to adjusting a media volume, while there is discerning entrance to tongue-tied and vibrate-only sound modes. Holding down on a home symbol offers a new screenshot shortcut, while Android Pie has a new Markup apparatus to fast stand and loll on images.

Auto-rotate creates use of a new revolution acknowledgment symbol that appears in a navigation bar to manually stagger a screen. Various icons via Android 9 have been revamped to compare a Google Material Theme. Especially clear in Quick Settings, icons are now confidant outlines with hollowed out centers.

Notifications have been redesigned with a some-more optimized interface for messaging. You’re means to continue conversations right from alerts that can now feature inline images and intelligent respond suggestions from apps.


On a “Intelligence” front, Adaptive Battery uses appurtenance training models from Alphabet’s DeepMind multiplication to prioritize energy resources to your actively used apps and services. Adaptive Brightness also uses ML to find your elite settings formed on surroundings to minimize users carrying to manually adjust a slider.

App Actions above a app drawer expect arriving tasks with intelligent suggestions. This includes job suggestions, directions to navigate home, and other shortcuts like a song playlist when we plug-in headphones. This fall, Google will launch Slices to aspect tools of an app right in Google Search.

For example, entering “Lyft” in a Search bar will move adult shortcuts to Home and Work that note motorist ETA, pricing, and can fast sequence a ride. Searching “Hawaii,” can move adult a carousel of your images from Google Photos.

Pie now supports inclination with notches or “display cutouts,” along with multi-camera support given a trend of dual-sensor arrays. One hapless downside to notches is that even inclination but a cutout can usually uncover 4 icons in a standing bar before dots seem to note that other alerts are present.

There is also support for HDR VP9 Video and HEIF picture compression. Meanwhile, one biometric authentication — that supports iris and face clear — formula in a standardised cue prompt even in third-party apps.

Digital Wellbeing

While Digital Wellbeing is not rising until this fall, as we previously noted, Google is making a beta available for Pixel inclination starting today. Accessible from Settings, a new Dashboard breaks down accurately how we use a device. This includes time spent in apps, series of perceived notifications, and how many times we clear your phone.

With a App Timer, we can set boundary on applications with “nudges” alerting we when you’re close, as good as grayed out launcher icons for a rest of a day. Do Not Disturb silences all visible interruptions that cocktail up, in addition to phone calls and texts. Wind Down mode will blur a shade into grayscale as we get prepared to tumble defunct to daunt pre-slumber device usage.

Users can try use by app with hourly and daily graphs. These pages will also embody shortcuts to adjust an app’s presentation settings, while developers can confederate some-more minute breakdowns with low links into in-app settings. For example, YouTube will shortly benefit a “Time watched” stats page after adding “Take a break” alerts.


Android 9 Pie is rolling out currently for a Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL. Google has posted a factory and OTA images for those who don’t wish to wait for a involuntary update. If we need help, check out a guides on how to flash a bureau image or sideload an OTA.

With eight phones in a Android P Beta, Google records that inclination from Sony Mobile, Xiaomi, HMD Global, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, and Essential will be updated by a “end of this fall.” Qualifying Android One phones are also enclosed in this time frame, while Google is operative with other manufacturers to launch or ascent inclination to Pie in 2018.

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