Google looks set to rebrand Android Wear as ‘Wear OS’

GOOGLE APPEARS to be formulation to rebrand a wearables handling complement Android Wear as Wear OS in a destiny update.

With Android Wear use way behind that of a Apple Watch and particularly no vital tech brands rising wearables during this year’s MWC something indispensable to happen, yet this wasn’t indispensably what anyone expected.

The find was done by a Redditor regulating a ‘Nearby’ underline of Google Play Services. It can be used to assistance set adult other Android inclination nearby a phone, and it clearly shows ‘Wear OS’ and a new trademark with echoes of a Google Assistant design.

Little is famous over this yet there are a lot of theories, since Reddit, with some users indicating out that a repute of Android Wear inclination doesn’t unequivocally simulate where they are now (some of a early ones were bobbins), and maybe some-more importantly that inclination can be used with iOS inclination too, and so a ‘Android’ partial of a name might be treacherous people.

It also looks from a new trademark like there will be a penetrating drive toward Google Assistant as a centerpiece feature. 

As such, this doesn’t seem to symbol a commencement of a finish of Android or even Android Wear, yet maybe a approach of separating a associations of a past – something that will be acquire news to a augmenting series of conform brands who have adopted a handling complement for their wrist-wear and have no sold connection with Android.

In fact, it’s substantially as expected that a hipster engineer watch brigade have got iPhones.

Most likely, we’ll see this take outcome scrupulously with Android P that is now in developer beta. If that’s a case, an central proclamation is expected when a Google I/O discussion happens in May.

This could also explain in partial because Huawei is happy to endorse that there is a Huawei Watch 3 prepared to rock, yet there are no skeleton to recover it. They’re substantially watchful to tie adult with this.

Meanwhile Android 8.0 Oreo continues to drip out to devices, yet it’s an incremental update.  µ


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