Google competence launch the initial 4K Chromebook during Google I/O

GOOGLE APPEARS to be operative on a high-end Chromebook device codenamed ‘Atlas’.

The biggest drool cause is that a shade of the mooted device is 3840×2160, that would make it a initial 4K Chromebook and mathematically, it looks like that also means a 16:9 aspect ratio too (the Pixelbook is 3:2).

That’s about all we know during this stage. The design of a formula usually gave a shade distance and a difference ‘sdcard: False’ which creates clarity when we cruise that one of a categorical functions of Chrome was to change people onto an online storage lifestyle.

The formula was detected around Redditor -nbsp- as partial of a YAML file. The formula also includes anxiety to a Pixelbook 4K in a commit.

If it does spin out to be a thing, afterwards there’s a good possibility we’ll be saying it in only over a month, as Google’s annual I/O developer discussion takes place on 8-10 May.

Although it’s not common for Google I/O to be a forum for hardware launches, that doesn’t order it out during all, generally as a Chrome/Android hybrid operation is a company’s categorical plea opposite Microsoft’s Windows. There have been launches before – including a Google Home and some early Chromebooks.

OK, so there’s a certain volume of conjecture formed on a fragment of data, despite a flattering arguable one, though but there’s no reason to doubt this – we’ve no justification that Fuchsia is going to be rigourously announced anytime soon, and for a impulse during least, Pixelbooks using Android apps seems to be a approach to go.

We know for near-certain that Android P (whatever it be called) will get a grave proclamation during I/O. Chrome OS, on a other hand, has worked off wordless incremental updates all along so it would substantially take hardware to concrete any large announcement.

Let’s only wish it’s a bit some-more affordable.  µ



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