Google Offers Six Months of Free Netflix with Chromebooks

Google activated a new graduation for a holiday season. Anyone can get 6 giveaway months of Netflix with Chromebooks from Google and Samsung. The offer relates to Dec purchases of a Google Pixelbook, Samsung Chromebook Plus or Samsung Chromebook Pro.

The many critical partial of this graduation is what we won’t find in a excellent print. The offer is not singular to new Netflix subscribers. After your Chromebook purchase, we redeem a offer on a Chromebook Offers website. That generates a present label formula that we can redeem within your existent Netflix account.

Discounts on Any Netflix Plan

The promotion’s value covers a new $10.99-per-month pricing for a Two Screens + HD plan. That lets your domicile tide dual 1080p high clarification streams during a time. If we allow to a opposite Netflix plan, we can request a sum $65.94 value of a graduation to that plan.

That stretches a giveaway use for a $7.99-per-month One Screen plan, that streams customary clarification video, to 8 months (plus a small left over to bonus a ninth month). If we allow to a $13.99-per-month 4 Screens + UltraHD plan, afterwards we get 4 giveaway months (plus a bonus on a fifth).

Google lets we covering apart promotions on tip of a Netflix offer:

  • $20 credit on a Google Play store (with squeeze of a Samsung Chromebook Plus or Pro).
  • 90-day total hearing of Google Play Music (with squeeze of any Chromebook, new Google Play Music subscribers only).
  • 100GB of Google Drive storage for dual years (with squeeze of any Chromebook).
  • $60 credit for in-game purchases in a Asphalt 8 racing diversion (with squeeze of any Chromebook).

The Netflix with Chromebooks offer expires Dec 31, 2017, so time’s using out.

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