Google One charity 10% Google Store bonus on Pixel 2, Pixelbook, more

Last month, Google One officially launched with cheaper storage, family plans, reward app support, and a colorful ring around your form avatar. Another large inducement to join is giveaway perks like Google Play credit and hotel engagement discounts. The latest is a 10% bonus off any object in a Google Store.

Google previewed this perk when One forsaken a invite-only beta. This evening, subscribers are removing emails detailing a 10% off any one object offer. This includes a Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL and full operation of Google Home devices, including a Max intelligent speaker.

The Pixelbook is also enclosed as are several accessories like Pixel Buds and Google Clips. Past offers from Google One embody a $5 Play credit and hotel bonus when engagement by Google.

If you’ve had your eye on a new Google device or accessory, it’s a good time to buy. From now until 9/28/18, we can get giveaway shipping and save 10% on any one object in a Google Store, including a Pixel 2, Google Home Mini, Pixelbook, and more. And don’t worry — when we buy some-more than one product, a bonus will be practical to a many costly object in your order.

This banking is usually current for one week, finale subsequent Friday on Sep 28th. The formula is permitted around email, as good as by a Google One website or Android app. Google records that it is “available usually to US residents with shipping addresses in a US.”

To redeem your promotional code, visit, supplement a preferred device to your cart, and enter a promotional formula during checkout to accept a 10% bonus on a singular product accessible for squeeze on Google Store. The 10% bonus on a singular product will be practical during checkout to a many costly object in your selling cart.

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