Google Pay branding already speckled on Pixel 2 XL devices

Google has an vitriolic robe of producing mixed applications all with radically a same purpose (see: any Google messaging/chat app). Thankfully, for Google’s remuneration apps during least, common clarity prevailed after a hunt hulk reliable that Google Wallet and Android Pay will be joined together into a new code – Google Pay.

While Google Wallet isn’t matching to Android Pay – a former focuses on person-to-person transactions, a bit like PayPal, while a latter was built for NFC exchange in sell stores – Google’s preference to mix any app’s functionality underneath a single, tangible code name is, as one of my colleagues perfectly put it, prolonged overdue.

Google in 2018: Trying to do everything

What we didn’t don’t know is how accurately Google will rollout a retooled remuneration system. Will we have to download an wholly new app, or will a Android Pay app get an renovate in an arriving update?

The answer is still adult in a air, though mixed users are now stating that Google Pay branding can already be found sneaking on certain Android devices. A reader over during Droid Life detected a G Pay-styled trademark on a Moto X Pure within their phone’s default NFC payments settings.

Users have also found a trademark dark divided on a Google Pixel 2 XL (it’s expected there on a customary Pixel 2 as well). A member of a Android Authority in a US accurate a existence, nonetheless it’s value observant that we can’t see it on my Pixel 2 XL here in a UK.

You can check if it’s on your phone by streamer to Settings Apps notifications Advanced Default apps. Under Tap pay, we should see an choice to use Google Pay during upheld remuneration terminals. It won’t work for a time being, of course, though a coming suggests we won’t have to wait too prolonged until a underline debuts, maybe during Google I/O 2018?

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