Google Photos isn’t display recently corroborated adult images for some

Google Photos is substantially one of a many eminent products a association has ever made. But, right now some people are carrying a bit of difficulty with it. For many, images uploaded to a use given Oct 17th aren’t appearing on a Google Photos website, nonetheless a images are being corroborated adult and can be accessed around Google Drive. 

I’m one of those influenced by this problem, and from a plethora of posts to the Google Photos product forums, I’m not alone. The emanate manifests simply: images uploaded after around Oct 17th only don’t seem on a Google Photos desktop or mobile site. However, we can endorse that photos are still being corroborated up, as they are benefaction in a Google Photos app on other devices, as good as in Google Drive (if we have them set to uncover adult there).


Google Photos on both a site (left) and app (right), a former lacking any images taken after Oct 17th.

So distant Google has nonetheless to respond to a ever-increasing series of reports, yet a “Top Contributors” on a forum explain that a information has been forwarded to Google’s attention. Although a problem does seem widespread, not everybody is affected, many of us during Android Police are carrying no problem.

The quickest approach to check for yourself is to upload a new print on your phone and see if it appears in a list of photos here. If it doesn’t, and we don’t have any other calm from after ~October 17th listed, we competence be experiencing a emanate as well.

As of now, there is no approaching time support for a fix. So if you’ve done Google Photos an constituent partial of your daily workflow (as we have, and I’m super tainted about it breaking), we competence wish to pierce to a competing use like Dropbox for a time being. At slightest until Google Photos is means to get a shit together fix a issue.

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