Google Pixel 2: 5 Features To Beat Apple’s iPhone 8

Jay McGregor

The Google Pixel XL.

As Google prepares a canapes and ungainly jokes for a large Pixel 2 launch eventuality this week, what facilities could a new handset exaggerate that will disintegrate a arch-rival, a iPhone 8?

Leaks have been shown some sincerely predictable facilities that keep gait with a competition, though will Google warn us with something unusual? Here are 5 facilities we wish to see.

Wide-angle lens

Whilst Google’s Pixel XL camera surfaced a charts final year, one thing was missing: a wide-angle lens.

This is something Google could take true out of LG’s playbook. The Korean manufacturer’s 125 grade far-reaching angle limp on a G5 and G6 were a cadence of genius. The multiple of a wide-angle lens and a customary lens not usually constructed glorious shots though also gave users options outward of a dreaded scenery picture.

While we’re during it, a abyss of primer controls offering on LG phones given a G4 has been a underline many Pixel/Nexus users have missed out on. Setting ISO and shiver speed aren’t facilities we know we need until we have them. Let’s wish some of LG’s camera-skills burnished off on a Pixel 2 growth team.

Headphone jack

Google, don’t do this. Don’t sale a jack quite to keep gait with other manufacturers who have incorrectly private it since ‘design’.

I’m not entirely assured by a single-port ethos, mostly since of a absurd adaptors indispensable to assign and listen to song – around connected headphones – during a same time on a iPhone 7 and 8.

But also since wireless in-ear headphones demeanour like a fibre aged people use to keep their eyeglasses from falling. And, a other option, over-ear headphones, total with my bald head, creates me demeanour like I’m receiving signals.


As Samsung’s Next Big Thing looms, a curtsy to a successive era of stretchable record would be welcome. we think that if Google designed to launch a stretchable phone, we’d have seen rumours about that sincerely early on, so it’s unlikely.

But, nonetheless, a flexible-ish underline would give me wish about destiny Pixels. The judgment of bendy record doesn’t need to be sold, Samsung has finished a good pursuit of that over a final 6 years. The record is really probable too, workarounds of a emanate of firm components has been demonstrated by Chinese device makers in new years, as good as advances in stretchable battery record have valid to be promising.


Hopefully Google’s partial merger of HTC and any successive impasse in a Pixel 2 inclination will outcome in a reanimation of BoomSound. HTC’s work in audio outlay set it above a competition, generally when it comes to outmost speakers.

HTC managed to furnish loud, frail and distortion-free sound during max volume on a flagship handsets from a M7 right by to a M10. Inside, a 24-bit audio and high-quality DAC constructed some of a best audio playback I’ve listened on a phone, that mostly came bundled with a span of good peculiarity headphones. This courtesy to audio opening is a contingency for a new Pixel devices.

Unlimited GDrive Storage

Google pulled a rabbit out of a shawl when it offering giveaway GDrive storage for cinema and videos for all Pixel owners final year. It was a giveaway, sure, though a useful giveaway.

But what if Google went one step serve and offering free, unlimited, Google Drive storage to all Pixel or Chromebook owners?  It would be a good enlargement of a strange offer that would tie-in new users to a complement as they make use of their giveaway cloud storage.

For existent users who have been partial of a Google eco-system for some time, and are reaching a boundary of their Drive allowance, it’d save them money (rather than upgrading their allowance) and save Google a probability of losing business to rival, cheaper services.

We’ll see what Google does have adult a sleeve during a eventuality on Wednesday, that I’ll be attending. Until then, check out how a Pixel’s categorical opposition fared when it was put by a Review Machine.

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