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It can be strenuous to set adult a new smartphone accurately how we wish it. Fortunately, a Pixel 2 and 2 XL — a latest inclination from Google — have been designed to be as easy to use as they are powerful.

Credit: Tom's GuideCredit: Tom’s GuideSome Android phones bury facilities and customization options behind menu after menu. But a Pixel 2 and 2 XL are remarkably elementary and polished notwithstanding their state-of-the-art AI capabilities. In this guide, we’ll uncover we how to get your shiny, new smartphone adult and regulating in no time by tweaking a few settings here and there.

Set Up Google Assistant

Google’s AI messenger is maybe a many versatile out there, so environment it adult is one of a initial things you’ll wish to do with your Pixel 2.

Upon starting adult any Android phone for a initial time, you’ll be asked to couple a device with a Google Account. You might also be asked to opt in to Google Assistant during this process. However, even if we skipped that step, it’s still easy to get started after on.

Here’s how: Press and reason a home button, or squeeze a sides of a phone to call adult Google Assistant. From here, Google will ask we if you’d like to spin on Voice Match, that allows a Assistant to respond to we by voice commands, even when a shade is off. From here, follow a on-screen prompts so a Assistant can learn your voice. Alternatively, we can skip this theatre as well.

Finally, you’ll be asked to extend Google Assistant accede to be means to see and respond to queries about what’s on your device’s screen. This is one of Google Assistant’s singular capabilities compared to Siri and Alexa, yet you’re not thankful to spin it on if you’re endangered about privacy.

Configure Squeezable Sides

Active Edge is Google’s name for a Pixel 2 duo’s squeezable sides. The underline lets we serve Google Assistant only by squeezing your phone; squeezing can also be used to overpower alarms, timers and incoming calls.

Here’s how: Open Settings, afterwards System, afterwards Gestures. From there, daub Active Edge to entrance several settings associated to a feature. You can adjust a attraction of a sides of a phone so that it requires some-more or reduction force to trigger Active Edge. You can also set it adult so Active Edge can be used to answer calls and overpower alarms, or serve Google Assistant while a phone’s shade is off — yet you’ll still have to substantiate before regulating some of a Assistant’s features.

Choose Display Mode

Like many high-end Android smartphones, both a Pixel 2 and 2 XL underline several opposite arrangement modes that let we customize a operation of on-screen colors to your preference. If we don’t like a approach a OLED shade looks out of a box, selecting a opposite environment could help.

Originally, both phones launched with dual resigned tone profiles formed on a industry-standard sRGB gamut. But complaints about a Pixel 2 XL’s washed-out hues forced Google to recover a program update with a third, even more-saturated option.

Here’s how: Go to Settings, afterwards Display. Tap Advanced to exhibit some-more options, afterwards Colors. You’ll see 3 choices: Natural (sRGB), Boosted (sRGB and about 10 percent saturation) and Saturated (the many intense). Natural is a default option.

Activate Night Light

Some users cite to activate blue-light filters on their phones’ displays to cut down on oppressive light and eye strain, generally during night. On a Pixel 2, this underline is called Night Light, and we can even set it to automatically activate daily around a timer.

Here’s how: Open Settings and daub Display. Night Light should be a second option. Tap it, and from a following menu you’ll be means to spin a underline on or off, set an energy for a filter, or report it to spin on during a tradition time. A discerning toggle of an choice staying in a notifications shade also creates it easier to entrance Night Light; if we prolonged press a icon, it’ll take we to a applicable Settings menu.

Schedule Battery Saver

We found a Pixel 2 XL to be among a longest-lasting smartphones in a new testing. But if you’re looking to eke out a small some-more longevity on a assign (and who isn’t?), Battery Saver can help.

Battery Saver is Android’s built-in power-saving mode, that reduces performance, boundary vibration, and turns off plcae services and credentials information for many apps. However, it doesn’t spin on by default. You can manually activate Battery Saver whenever we like, yet we trust it’s many useful to set a underline to automatically spin on once your battery commission has depressed next a certain threshold.

Here’s how: OpenSettings, thenBattery. Under Power Management, there will be an choice for Battery Saver. You can spin it on and off from a adjacent toggle, yet if we daub on a menu item, we can set Battery Saver to meddle when your device falls next 15 percent or 5 percent capacity. Battery Saver will automatically spin off once we start charging your phone again.

Enable Android Pay

Mobile payments yield one of a biggest conveniences of complicated smartphones, and Android Pay creates a routine really simple. If we already have a Google comment with an enrolled remuneration option, you’ll simply have to endorse some confidence details, like your credit card’s CVC number. If not, follow these stairs to supplement one.

Here’s how: Open a Android Payapp and daub Get Started on a dash screen. To supplement a card, we can use your phone’s camera. Simply line adult a on-screen support with a card; we can also enter your credit label info manually. On a successive form, enter a information that remains, like your name and billing address. Once Android Pay has certified your card, you’re all set.

Enable Always-On Ambient Display

Thanks to a Pixel 2’s OLED technology, a phone can momentarily benefaction simple notifications as white calm on a black shade though significantly shortening battery life. This underline is famous as Ambient Display. However, we can also set your Pixel 2 to uncover a Ambient Display during all times, even when a phone is technically sleeping. Be suggested that doing so will devour some-more battery power.

Here’s how: Open Settings, afterwards Display, afterwards Advanced. The Ambient Display choice appears tighten to a bottom of a list. Tap it, and you’ll see a Always On choice during a top. There are also toggles to capacitate a double daub to exhibit notifications, auto-waking when a phone is carried (though this does not request when Always On is already activated) and a environment to arise a shade when new notifications arrive.

Use Fingerprint Sensor to Check Notifications

The Pixel 2’s fingerprint sensor can be used to open a phone’s notifications shade with a discerning swipe. However, this underline is off by default, so you’ll need to go into a settings to activate it.

Here’s how: Open Settings, afterwards System, afterwards Gestures. Underneath Active Edge during a top, you’ll see Swipe Fingerprint for Notifications. Once this underline has been incited on, we can appropriate down on a sensor from any shade to exhibit notifications, appropriate down again to uncover discerning toggles and appropriate behind adult to tighten a shade.

Use Smart Storage to Free Up Space

Thanks to Google Photos, we can use a cloud to automatically store copies of all a photos and videos taken with your Pixel 2. With all kept on Google’s servers, there’s small need to keep a same files on your phone’s internal storage.

To that end, Google enclosed a underline commencement with a strange Pixel called Smart Storage that frees adult on-device memory by disposing of internal copies of media after a certain series of days, if they have already been corroborated up. And Smart Storage earnings with a Pixel 2.

Here’s how: Open Settings, afterwards Storage. This menu offers a relapse of what’s holding adult space on your device’s peep memory, yet we’re meddlesome in a Smart Storage choice nearby a top. Tap a menu item, afterwards name Remove Backed Up Photos Videosto set an interlude after that aged media can be deleted from internal storage. You can indoctrinate your phone to automatically undo calm that is 30, 60 or 90 days old, yet rest assured, a cloud-saved copies will sojourn accessible by a Google Photos app.

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