Google Pixel 2 on Sale for ₹39999 Starting Dec 7 on Flipkart in India

The Google Pixel 2 and a Pixel 2 XL were announced on Oct 4, and expelled in comparison markets in a same month. In India, a Pixel 2 and a Pixel 2 XL were launched on Oct 26 as online exclusives on Flipkart. The Pixel 2 became accessible on Nov 1, while a Pixel 2 XL was settled to be accessible from Nov 15. Although a phones were already costly in markets such as a US, Google pennyless new belligerent when it done a Pixel 2 and a Pixel 2 XL a many costly Android phones in India.

The Pixel 2’s cost started from ₹61,000 (~$946) for a 64GB variant, and went adult to ₹70,000 (~$1086) for a 128GB variant. On a other hand, a Pixel 2 XL started from ₹73,000 (~$1133) for 64GB of storage, and went all a approach adult to ₹82,000 (~$1273) for a 128GB variant. To put it simply, a cost tags of a phones were heavily arrogant compared to US pricing, and it seemed doubtful that Google’s second-generation Pixel phones would set a sales statistics on fire.

It seems that Google and Flipkart share a opinion, and this is since Flipkart has announced a vast cost cut for a Pixel 2 in a sale that will start on Dec 7 and finish on Dec 9. During these days, a 5.0″ Pixel 2 will be accessible for ₹39,999 (~$621) – a bonus of ₹21,001 (~$326).

Google Pixel 2 Flipkart Sale

How will this work out? Flipkart is charity a prosaic bonus value of ₹11,001. Then, there is a ₹10,000 bank offer on all credit / withdraw cards. Used simultaneously, buyers can get a Google Pixel 2 for ₹39,999 if they compensate regulating a credit / withdraw card.

That’s not all Flipkart is offering, though. The e-commerce height is also charity sell offers on a Google Pixel 2, by that consumers can save adult to ₹18,000 (~$279) if they sell comparison smartphones. Finally, Flipkart is also guaranteeing a buyback value of adult to ₹36,500 (~$566) if consumers sell their Pixel 2 units during a after indicate in time.

It’s value observant that Flipkart still doesn’t offer any discounts on a some-more costly Google Pixel 2 XL, that is still accessible for ₹73,000 and ₹82,000 for a 64GB and 128GB storage variants respectively. The sale for a Pixel 2 will usually be hold for 3 days, so meddlesome buyers are suggested to conduct over to Flipkart.

In a view, a cost improvement for a Pixel 2 was needed, as a strange cost tab was heavily arrogant compared to a US price. Although a Pixel 2 facilities a comparatively tiny 5-inch 16:9 arrangement with vast bezels, it can still be a good understanding during a heavily ignored cost since of a best-in-class camera performance, glorious UI opening and rapid program updates. Here’s anticipating that a identical understanding arrives shortly for a Pixel 2 XL, that will make it some-more savoury for users who are meddlesome to buy a big-screen device from Google.

Source: Flipkart

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