Google Pixel 2 v Galaxy S8

For many people, Samsung is Android. It’s a code many compared with a platform, and positively a many renouned in terms of units sold. Purists will disagree a Korean hulk changes a program too much, and that a best proceed to knowledge Google’s handling complement is to use one of a possess devices.

So, that is a proceed to go for those who wish a ultimate Android experience? We review a Google Pixel 2 and a Samsung S8 to see how a opposite visions reason up.

Price and availability

With both of these inclination being flagships you’re going to profitable a satisfactory volume whichever track we choose.

The Google Pixel 2 can be bought directly from a Google Store, with a 64GB chronicle costing £629 and a 128GB indication rising to £729.

Both are accessible in Just Black and Clearly White liveries, nonetheless Google has taken a surprising preference to offer a Kinda Blue several usually on a 64GB unit.

If we cite a incomparable shade afterwards there’s a Pixel 2 XL, that boasts a 6in arrangement rather than a 5in found on a smaller sibling. This costs £799 (64GB) or £899 (128GB), both entrance in possibly Just Black or a rather opposite Guinness-like Black White.

Google Pixel 2 v Galaxy S8

Samsung offers a S8 in a singular 64GB storage pattern that can be bought directly from a association for £689. This is expandable though, interjection to a microSD label slot. The S8 comes in 4 colour schemes: Midnight Black, Orchid Grey, Coral Blue, and Artic Silver.

Google Pixel 2 v Galaxy S8

Again, there is a bigger chronicle available, a S8 Plus (£779), that offers a same configurations as a petite brethren.

As always, we can emporium around for reductions on all of a models mentioned above, and there will be several offers accessible from your mobile use provider. We’d suggest checking out a shopping guides subsequent for a best stream deals.

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The Samsung S8 is frequently hailed as one of a best-looking smartphones now available, and when we reason one for a initial time it’s easy to see why. 

A 5.8in Infinity arrangement dominates a front of a device, curving around any side of a device, and going roughly tip to bottom. This is probable since a normal Home symbol has been removed, with Samsung opting for program controls instead.

Google Pixel 2 v Galaxy S8

There is a fingerprint sensor, nonetheless it’s now on a back. This preference divides opinion, as nonetheless a behind sensor is glorious (in fact a Pixel 2 has one also), a chain is adult subsequent to a camera lens. Having it here can lead to fingerprints on a lens rather than a sensor, nonetheless after a while flesh memory kicks in and we get used to it.

The measure of a S8 are really identical to that of a predecessor, solely for being somewhat taller. This allows a shade distance to boost from 5.1in to 5.8in while gripping a device gentle in a hand.

Google Pixel 2 v Galaxy S8

Gorilla Glass 5 adorns a behind of a S8, clarification a device can be charged wirelessly, and a territory comes with an IP68 rating to plead that a entirely waterproof.

Read a Samsung S8 review for a full relapse of all a facilities of this truly considerable device.

Google has continued a singular pattern truth with a Pixel 2. This especially boils down to a top territory on a behind of a device being glass, while a rest of a physique is done from textured aluminium. A fingerprint sensor nestles usually subsequent a potion area, creation it improved placed than a Samsung rival.

Google Pixel 2 v Galaxy S8

A 5in arrangement creates adult a infancy of a Pixel 2’s front, with vast bezels housing stereo speakers. While certainly useful, this does make it demeanour a small antiquated when compared to a sleek, unconventional physiognomy of a S8.

Sadly, Google has also motionless to mislay a 3.5mm headphone jack, a trend in smartphone pattern that still has nonetheless to infer a value to us in terms of how it advantages consumers.

Both inclination have USB-C ports for fast-charging and connections, nonetheless a Pixel 2 doesn’t have wireless charging capabilities. Google’s device this year is waterproof with an IP67 rating too, that is usually brief of a some-more strong S8 with a IP68 rating (in a genuine universe we won’t notice a disproportion though).

The Pixel 2 is a good, plain design, nonetheless it’s never going to win a hardware quarrel with a beautiful and reward versed S8.

See a full Google Pixel 2 review for some-more details.


A 5in full HD OLED arrangement can be found on a Pixel 2, and a again a plain performer. The 1920 x 1080 fortitude seems to be reduction perfectionist on a hardware than some of a aloft fortitude displays we’ve seen on other smartphones, ensuing in a Pixel 2 being quick and uniformly response.

Google Pixel 2 v Galaxy S8

It’s a small astray afterwards that Samsung has placed such an considerable row into a S8. At 5.8in, a SuperAMOLED arrangement delivers a Quad HD 2960 x 1440 resolution, with clear colours and intelligible definition.

The S8 is also one of a handful to support HDR playback for video. The pickings are slim during a moment, nonetheless Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube all have calm accessible that looks overwhelming on a Samsung display.

Google Pixel 2 v Galaxy S8

When compared to a Pixel 2, a Samsung charity is bigger, brighter and some-more colourful, and a winding edges usually feel exotic. Truly we consider it’s a best we can get on an Android phone right now, with usually a S8 Plus and Galaxy Note 8 giving any critical competition.


Picking adult possibly of these phones will give we good photos and videos. Samsung sticks with a territory that found so most foster in a S7, giving a categorical camera a 12Mp sensor, f/1.7 aperture, and Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS).

All of this means a S8 can record high-quality 4K video during 30fps, or 1080p during 60fps. There’s also support for Slow Motion video constraint during 240fps in 720p.

The Pixel 2 has a illusory 12Mp territory with an f/1.8 lens and OIS, and copiousness of Google cunning with a digital picture stabilisation that does and implausible pursuit of gripping video recordings rock-solid. Like a Samsung S8 is can constraint 4K during 30fps, nonetheless a formula from both stills and video are in a opinion are higher on a Pixel 2.

As we said, both are excellent, it’s usually that a Pixel 2 is better.  

Software and Performance

Here’s a area where things get muddy. Yes, both run Android, nonetheless a knowledge is opposite on possibly handset. Samsung has worked tough in new years to make a TouchWiz interface reduction bustling and some-more refined.

This work has paid off. Gone are a animation colours that used to tool a eyes, and instead there’s a grand looking, rarely versatile control complement in place. Menus are tasteful, pages demeanour good, and there’s still a ton of facilities underneath a hood so we can customise a device to fit your tastes.

Google takes a some-more minimalist approach. Options are still plentiful, nonetheless not utterly to a turn offering by Samsung. This can be a certain thing though. The Pixel 2 is good to go, and as such there doesn’t seem most need to disaster with additional tweaks or settings. 

Google Pixel 2 v Galaxy S8

Both perform uniformly in operation, with a S8 not ostensible to humour from a classical Samsung loiter that eventually seemed on prior models. This, of course, could change over time. The S8 comes with Android 7.0 on-board, nonetheless a Pixel 2 boasts Android 8.0, and we’d design it to accept destiny updates to a OS faster than a S8.

Using a Pixel 2 is a rapid, assured experience. Everything is evident and flowing, with a OS usually creation sense. This is Android as Google always envisioned it would be, and we consider it creates a constrained argument.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Google Pixel 2: Specifications

Here’s a extensive list of a technical facilities on both devices.

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