Google Pixel 2 XL vs. iPhone XS Max: Which Should You Buy?

Google’s finest

Pixel 2 XL

Bezel-free hugeness

iPhone XS Max

If we wish a best knowledge Google can offer, this is it. The camera is exceptional, generally in low light, and a speakers on this phone are incredible. And, of course, Google’s program updates arrive here before anywhere anywhere else.

$849 during Google

Apple took a considerable iPhone X and done it huge. The arrangement is best in class, a speakers are surprisingly loud, and there’s zero else utterly like Apple’s face clear system. This pattern isn’t yet trade-offs, yet altogether this is an glorious phone.

$1100 during Apple

Though it might be a bit obvious, a Pixel 2 XL is meant to be a really best Android knowledge around, while a iPhone XS Max is as reward as an iPhone has ever been. Each phone stands clever with purify program and implausible performance, yet your needs might clear one over a other.

When worlds collide

There are tons of good Android phones these days, yet a Pixel represents Google’s possess prophesy of what a height should be. Its purify and elementary interface is home to a brood of intelligent features, including a ever-powerful Google Assistant. In addition, interjection to Google’s appurtenance learning, a Pixel 2 XL stays one of a really best slot cameras around, notwithstanding carrying a singular rear-facing lens.

Then there’s a iPhone XS Max. With an outrageous 6.5-inch display, it’s a largest iPhone ever made, and a True Tone Super Retina arrangement is distant improved than a Pixel 2 XL’s cryptic pOLED row — yet some people still won’t be a fan of a iPhone’s barbarous notch. It also boasts Apple’s intensely absolute A12 Bionic chip which, on tip of assuring well-spoken performance, augments AR and camera capabilities.

There’s a trade-off during any spin with these phones; a iPhone XS Max relies on Face ID rather than a some-more normal fingerprint sensor like a Pixel 2 XL, a latter of that many still prefer, yet a Pixel lacks a iPhone’s accessible wireless charging. That’s some-more critical than people tend to think, generally on a H2O resistant phone — should we plunge your phone, wireless charging is a usually approach to tip it off while we wait for a pier to dry.

Each phone offers a really best knowledge a sold height can offer.

The iPhone XS Max facilities a temporary stereo orator setup, mixing a earpiece orator with a bottom orator grill, yet a Pixel 2 XL offers a some-more genuine stereo outcome with twin front-firing speakers. Neither phone facilities microSD expandability or a 3.5mm headphone jack, yet any can during slightest grasp connected audio by an adapter — just keep in mind that Apple is no longer including a Lightning to auxiliary adapter in a box with a phones.

That miss of microSD expandability plays a flattering poignant purpose in last that phone to buy, given both start during 64GB with a $250 disproportion in price. The Pixel 2 XL maxes out during 128GB of storage for $949, while a iPhone XS Max reaches all a approach adult to 512GB — presumption we have $1449 to spare. Both Google and Apple offer financing options to palliate a initial blow, yet even so, these aren’t considerate numbers by any means.

Whether or not a iPhone XS Max is value that many some-more than a Pixel 2 XL comes roughly wholly down to your welfare in platforms, along with your storage needs. Both phones have implausible cameras, well-spoken performance, and outrageous screens, and any serves as a sold manufacturer’s print child for what a phone can and should be. If we don’t have any sold program preferences, though, we won’t be blank out on many by saving a few hundred dollars and shopping a Pixel 2 XL.

Google’s finest

Pixel 2 XL

The really best Android knowledge Google has to offer.

Though it’s shortly to be transposed by a sequel, a Pixel 2 XL is a perfection of all of Google’s program tricks and appurtenance learning.

Bezel-free hugeness

iPhone XS Max

The biggest, many powerful, and many costly iPhone ever.

The iPhone XS Max improves on all that already done a iPhone X great, and upscales to a whopping 6.5-inch display.

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