Google Pixel 3 wallpapers leaked, and we can download them in full fortitude now

Just about all we competence wish to know about what Google’s arriving Pixel 3 looks like has been leaked, and we still have dual weeks to go until the central phenomenon event. Today brings a small something on a program side: an updated Google Wallpapers app for a Pixel 3. The charcterised “live” wallpapers boldly change as we lean your device, play music, or clear a phone. Some also passively change as a day progresses to compare a time.

The leaks come from MySmartPrice, and we can download a wallpapers by this Google Drive link. There’s even an APK to download a new Wallpapers app, though it seems like a download extent has been reached. Even if you’re means to get it, you’ll need a Pixel 2 phone using Android Pie. Those outward of this reduction can only crop by a 28 wallpapers and use them as immobile backgrounds. Now we can all fake we have a new Pixel 3 on palm until a actual eventuality on Oct 9th.

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