Google Pixel 4 Release Date, Price & Spec Rumours

We’ve a prolonged while to wait for a Pixel 4 and 4 XL, approaching to seem in Oct 2019, yet judgment videos and renders are already appearing online such as that from Concept Creator during a tip of this page.

Though it’s quite a concept, a illusory pattern sees Google unequivocally pull a bounds of a all-screen display, with a dual-lens selfie camera and twin speakers built directly into a shade – and no nick in sight. With some-more shade estate we could see a strike adult from 5.5in to something closer to 6in for a customary model, and from 6.3in to something closer to 6.6in for a XL version.

Of course, a Pixel 3 and 3 XL had small in common in design, so it stays to be seen either a Pixel 4 XL will follow a identical altogether demeanour to a Pixel 4, and it’s too early for any leaked images of a tangible devices. In prior years a disproportion in pattern has been due to a fact Google has used opposite hardware partners to emanate a phones (for instance HTC designed a Pixel 2 and LG a Pixel 2 XL), yet in 2018 both Pixel 3 and XL were designed by Google and built by Foxconn.

Google places a clever concentration on photography, and in sold a algorithms behind a tech. Adding a second telephoto lens with 2x visual wizz a Pixel 4 could be unbeatable in this courtesy in 2019.

Pixel 4 concept

These being Google phones, and flagships during that, we can already pledge dual things we’ll see in a Pixel 4 and 4 XL: first, Android 10.0 Q, that we pattern to launch in Aug 2019; and second, a mint Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip that was denounced in December, inheritor to a Snapdragon 845 seen in a stream era of Pixels.

With this processor integrating support for 5G networks, it’s probable we could see a initial 5G-enabled Google phone in a Pixel 4, yet adding a tech has implications on both cost and design. We think this might be a underline indifferent for a XL model, yet in 2018 a spec of a dual was most closer than we’ve seen previously.

We’d pattern to see Google enhance a accessible storage options, with many phones now accessible in 256- or even 512GB capacities, or to supplement a microSD slot. We’d also like to see Google boost a RAM from 4GB adult to 6GB or even 8GB, given 4GB seems like a insignificant volume for a flagship in 2019.

When is a Pixel 4 entrance out?

Expect an Oct 2019 launch for a Pixel 4, with all prior Google phones announced during a annual hardware eventuality during this time.

How most will a Pixel 4 cost?

Pricing unequivocally depends on either or not Google goes down a 5G route. If it doesn’t, given that it’s going to take some time for 5G to turn widespread in a UK, we should be looking during a identical cost to a Pixel 3 and 3 XL, that sell during £739 and £869 respectively for a bottom models (buy here). But if it does, those prices could climb a lot closer to £900 or £1000.

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