Google Pixel Is ‘Fastest-Growing US Smartphone Brand’ Says Report: Pixel 3 Vs. iPhone XS

Pixel 3.Credit: Google

Google’s Pixel is gaining in a U.S. though is it good adequate to make we switch?

“Google Pixel is Fastest-Growing US Smartphone Brand,” Strategy Analytics said this week in a report.

Though a iPhone still outsells Pixel phones globally by a far-reaching domain (Google doesn’t register in IDC’s tellurian top-5 rankings), it’s a pointer that a Pixel code might finally be violation by in America.

Catching adult to a iPhone and iOS

The news asks, “Is Pixel a new iPhone?”

Hyperbole? Maybe not. The Pixel 3’s camera, Google Assistant, and a fact that Pixel phones are a initial with a newest versions of Android are 3 large reasons because a phones hoard good reviews and smoke-stack adult good opposite a iPhone.

One of a best cameras: unique facilities like Google Night Sight — which has conspicuous low-light opening — and a altogether value of a camera give Google an edge.

Google Assistant: Google’s AI is improved than Apple’s Siri. we use both* and can attest to this. Features like Google’s intelligent call screening are frightful good.

Display: some past Pixel phones had arrangement quirks (the Pixel 2 XL’s arrangement was injured primarily with peculiarity issues). But both a Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have OLED displays that magnitude adult to a best on a market.   

Price: Here, a Pixel is really competitive. Since a proclamation of a Pixel 3 ($799) and Pixel 3 XL ($899) in October, Google has had 3 sales. The initial time a phones were ignored $200 and a final dual times $150 (the many new sale finished progressing this month on the Google Store). So, if you’re studious there’s a good possibility we can get a phones during a decent bonus to a iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Android 9 “Pie”: The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have had roughly a 6 month conduct start over Samsung with Android 9. While not an advantage over a iPhone per se, it’s another reason Pixel leads in pivotal areas in a Android space.

I’ve also found that a “pure” Android knowledge of Pie on a Pixel 3 XL comes flattering tighten to Apple’s iOS 12 in narrowing of execution. Apple still has an corner here though Google is shutting a gap.



*I use both a Pixel 3 XL and iPhone XS Max. One area where a Pixel still has to locate adult is formation and syncing with other Pixel inclination like a Pixel Slate (which we also use). My iPad, MacBook Air, and Apple Watch are radically extensions to a iPhone.

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